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Vanuatu Tours

Explore Vanuatu islands via island tours, fishing tours, ATV and diving excursions.

Port Vila is an exciting place to visit because of the number of activities you may do and sights you may see. However, there are many more things that you can do outside of Port Vila as you explore the entire island of Efate. The more you expand your visit, the more beauty and enjoyment you will get during your visit.

   Island and Fishing Tours in Vanuatu
Efate Tours

Efate Island Popular Tours

It would be impossible to try and do all of the things available on Efate island. But some of the more interesting tours include Cascades Waterfall, 'Round the Island' tour, Aerial tour, and Ekasup Cultural Village tour. Plus island hopping.

Fishing Charters

Fishing Tours and Charters 

If you like fishing, you've come to the right place. Fishing is one of the most exciting activities in Vanuatu islands and offers intrepid anglers a wealth of options. Private operators offer fishing tours through the islands waters.

Pele Island Tour

Pele Island Day Tour 

Located north of Efate island, Pele island offers superb white sand beaches, along with magnificent swimming and snorkelling at the spectacular coral reef. You can enjoy a day in paradise by taking Pele Island Day Tour.

ATV Adventures

Vanuatu ATV Adventures

One of the best ways to explore this tropical island paradise is via different Port Vila and Vanuatu tours. These tours cover different locations and some of them include ATV rides, which is a fun way to enjoy your holiday in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Day Tours

Vanuatu Day Tours

This beautiful South Pacific island country offers diverse landscape, with white-sand beaches, leafy jungle, walking treks and local Melanesian villages. One of best ways to explore and experience all of this is via Vanuatu day tours.

Diving Excursions

Vanuatu Diving Excursions 

There are many reasons to visit Vanuatu, including its natural beauty, fishing experiences, duty-free shopping and other holiday activities. But one of the main reasons is that Vanuatu is a popular, top diving destination in the South Pacific.

Touring and fishing in Vanuatu

The best way to do this is to take one of many available tours and fishing charters. Many of Vanuatu's attractions are best reached via different island tours and fishing tours, providing you with multiple opportunities to enjoy sightseeing and other activities in Port Vila or in Vanuatu islands. By planning ahead, you can determine which things you would like to do first, or that which you definitely would like to do on your Vanuatu holiday.

Vanuatu tours are usually provided by any of the bus drivers. Depending on the price you want to pay, it may just include the tour or it may include additions like lunch, tea times, and admission to the beaches. Through your tour, you are likely to find out much more about the way of life in Vanuatu, including information about the culture, the history, and the people.

Bitumen road going to Port Vila, by Fatumaru Bay
Island tours in Vanuatu offer great sightseeing, while fishing tours and
fishing charters
give you the option of enjoying the sea and the game of fishing.

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