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Vanuatu Resorts
for Different Kinds of Travelers

Whether your prefer luxury accommodation or budget-friendly,
Vanuatu resorts cater for both options

a tropical island covered with trees in the midst of an ocean

As a tropical destination not far from the Australian and New Zealand east coasts,
Vanuatu welcomes both budget-minded and luxury accommodation travelers.

Among the amazing archipelagos and islands in the Pacific, Vanuatu has been undeservedly neglected in the face of more well-known vacation spots such as Fiji and Bora Bora. Fortunately for tourists and adventurers worldwide, this tropical destination is becoming more prominent on the world map due to its exotic appeal and its versatile offer of Vanuatu resorts for different kinds of travelers.

There is much to see and experience in this fantastic place. If you are into fishing and cruises, Vanuatu is the perfect place for your holiday. Vanuatu also has a lot to offer to those who prefer to run off the beaten track to experience remarkable island nature and wildlife.

Of course, there are many summertime sports and activities that you can enjoy - Vanuatu is especially famous for its diving tours. Essentially, there is a lot to discover in this fantastic place, and what is even more important, Vanuatu is easily accessible from Australia and other major airports and seaports.

What kind of Vanuatu resorts for different kinds of travelers are out there?

We are here to discuss the accommodation offers that exist in Vanuatu. Luckily, unlike some of the more prestigious islands in the Pacific, travelers of various budgets and affinities can find a resort, hotel, motel, bungalow, or lodges that speak to their holiday preferences and expectations.

Luxury resorts in Vanuatu

If you are looking for a luxury resort where you will be able to leave all your Covid-19 induced worries behind, look no further than Vanuatu.

Iririki Island Resort & Spa

This lovely waterfront resort is a complex of recently renovated bungalows surrounded by the azure Coral Sea. Since the 2015 cyclone season, this resort has been remodeled entirely and improved to include fun summer features such as a tropical-themed karaoke room and a black-jack table immersed in a swimming pool.

Of course, the Iririki Island Resort & Spa has all the amenities you would expect from a world-class holiday resort - king-sized four-poster beds, wood-accented decoration, and breezy balconies, and easy access to the sandy beaches.

a beach with palm trees and stones under a clear blue sky

The best way to spend your holiday is to stay in a resort near or at one of
Vanuatu’s amazing beaches, dotted around its many islands.

Although it is unlikely you will ever feel secluded or bored in this resort, you can easily reach Iririki Island via a ferry boat - only a couple of minutes separates you from the capital city of Port Vila. This location is very popular with ex-pats who inhabit this city, which is good news for people who enjoy making friends from all around the world on their travels.

Also, if you decide to come back and stay for good in Port Vila or anywhere else in Vanuatu, the process of moving here is relatively easy when you hire a moving crew that specializes in international moves.

Breakas Beach Resort

If you prefer to be on the mainland, Breakas holiday resort in Port Vila is a perfect vacation spot that will meet even the most distinguished expectations. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about noisy crowds ruining your peace of mind, even though you are so close to Vanuatu's largest city.

This luxurious beachfront resort is perfect for travelers looking to spend their holiday soothed only by the hypnotically relaxing sound of waves touching the sparkling Vanuatu beaches. Therefore, most bungalows that make up the Breakas Beach Resort enable you to enjoy the Pacific ocean horizon to the fullest.

a beach resort in the azure sea on a tropical island

Beach resorts in Vanuatu are mesmerizingly beautiful and top-notch in terms
of hospitality and cleanliness, as well as available facilities.

The rest of the bungalows are in no way worse than those that face the ocean - they are surrounded by lush gardens that house a restaurant with a cocktail bar, pool, and a secluded wedding hall. If you are looking to move to Vanuatu or spend your honeymoon here, we suggest consulting to find out more about how to move your belongings safely to Vanuatu. are great options.

In case you find these beach resorts fully booked for the holiday season, other luxury resorts are on a par with the ones we have mentioned; for example, Coral Motel Apartments or Le Lagon Resort are great options.

Budget-friendly Vanuatu resorts

If you wish to enjoy the splendor of Vanuatu's nature rather than that of its many luxury beach resorts, you do not have to worry. There are several budget-friendly Vanuatu resorts that you can book. We suggest that you look at the resorts we have selected based on their great location, especially if you intend to scout Vanuatu’s great backpacking trails this year.

tropical plants in front of mountains

Vanuatu has a fantastic nature that you can hardly get enough of,
allowing you to explore it via many different holiday activities.

Blue Pango Motel

Blue Pango Motel is located near Port Vila, making it the perfect budget accommodation from which you can reach other islands and places in the archipelago. What separates this motel from other affordable accommodation is that you can access all the leading local traveling routes while staying at a beachside location.

So, you can reach Port Vila easily by taking the local bus. Therefore, Vanuatu's islands are within a hand's reach, or better yet, within a foot's reach from the Blue Pango Motel.

As for the type of rooms you can book in this motel, they are all self-contained rooms, including a full kitchen and bathroom.

Sunrise Bungalows

Sunrise Bungalows are a two-star accommodation located on the southeast coast of Vanuatu' Tanna Island. These bungalows are a fantastic starting point from which you can easily access the amazing Mt. Yasur volcano, one of the major tourist attractions for travelers looking to experience something out of the ordinary on their holiday.

Other similar Vanuatu resorts for different kinds of travelers you might want to check out are the Benjor Beach Club and Deco Stop Lodge. Whatever you are into, there is no doubt you will find a suitable option.

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