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Vanuatu Banking

One of the fundamentals is that cash is king in Vanuatu

If you are travelling to the islands of Vanuatu, in addition to paying for your holiday accommodation, you will have to bring some spending money. Not only for your shopping at supermarkets, duty-free shopping, or tour bookings, but also to pay for your entertainment expenses, such as cafe bars and restaurants.

   Money and Travel in Vanuatu
Banks and ATMs in Vanuatu

Banks and ATMs in Vanuatu 

Having unexpected travel expenses can be part of any travel experience, including on your holiday in Vanuatu. But it's good to know that many Vanuatu resorts offer money exchanges, while there are also ATMs available in Port Vila and Luganville.

Guide to Banking in Vanuatu

Guide to Banking in Vanuatu

The local currency in Vanuatu is the Vatu. Australian dollars are widely accepted in store, restaurants and supermarkets. Traveler's cheques and credit cards are welcome in Port Vila and Luganville towns, on Efate and Santo islands respectively.

Currency Exchange Tips

Currency Exchange Tips

Do you know how to save money when exchanging currency? Here are a few currency exchange tips that could save your money when travelling. Learn how exchange process works when you are exchanging US dollars to Vanuatu vatu.

Vanuatu banking convenience

In the centre of Port Vila, you will find the main Post Office building, along with a few bank branches. There is the local National Bank of Vanuatu a bit further from the town centre, while Australia's Westpac Bank and the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) Bank branches are right across the street from the Post Office, with ATMs. This makes it rather convenient to do your banking in Vanuatu for your travel needs.

Vanuatu Reserve Bank

From the town centre, take one of the side streets and walk up the hill, away from the harbour side. In amongst other dwellings, you’ll find Vanuatu Reserve Bank building there. No free samples are offered at the Bank, but it’s a good spot to view the whole town from above, with its harbour and islands. Prominent in your view will be Iririki island with its Iririki Island ResortIt’s well worth the walk, especially for a photo opportunity.

Vanuatu Reserve Bank building
Located on a hill just about Port Vila town centre is Vanuatu's Reserve Bank building

Investing in Vanuatu properties

For those looking to invest in Vanuatu, best real estate properties can be found in Port Vila and other parts of Efate island, as well as in Bouganvile on Santo island. Most of expat community lives in and around Port Vila town, located on Efate Island.

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