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Index of newly added pages on this website

In order to provide you with more information on Vanuatu holidays and resorts as well as latest news in Vanuatu, we continue to add new pages and update this site on a regular basis. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the most recently added pages of interest to you. Index of the most recent new pages can be found at the bottom of our Vanuatu holidays home page.

How is Vanuatu Affected by the Global Epidemic

Is Vanuatu Affected by the Pandemic? 

The COVID-19 has wreaked a havoc on the travel industry on the whole world. Even faraway places like Vanuatu has been affected by the pandemic. The government has put into place strict anti-epidemic measures to minimize the spread. This makes the country a more optimal place to visit.

Tips for a Perfect Travel With a Baby

Tips for a Perfect Travel With a Baby

As parents, you're well aware how travel can be "eventful" when traveling with children. Even more so if you bring an infant along. Going on a family trip to Vanuatu means having to be really well organized and think ahead of what's needed. These tips should help you prepare all you might need.

Keep Family Safe When Moving to Vanuatu During Covid-19 Pandemic

Moving to Vanuatu During COVID-19 Pandemic

The entire world has been affected by this pandemic, making all of people's plans far more difficult or even impossible for the time being. But sometime things can't be postponed. If moving to Vanuatu is one of those things for you, it can be still done safely and securely for your family with sound preparations.

How to Plan a Perfect Mothers Day in Vanuatu

Celebrate Mother's Day in Vanuatu

What have you planned for this year's Mother's Day on the 10th of May? If you are thinking of surprising your mom or even your wife for Mother's Day, perhaps a great trip to Vanuatu could be one of the things to consider. In case you do, here are some ideas for a perfect Mother's Day celebration in Vanuatu.

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