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Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu islands

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PORT VILA 24. March - The extent of Cyclone Pam damage to Vanuatu islands is still being assessed, although at this stage it looks like more populated Efate and Tanna islands have suffered more property damage. However, the outer islands are still inaccessible and are likely to have suffered a heavy damage, too. Port Vila streets and buildings are being cleared from debris. The aid packages continue to arrive from Australia, New Zealand and other countries, including the EU, USA and Japan. One of the problems is lack of drinking water.

If you have existing bookings with any of resorts in Vanuatu, contact your booking agent to discuss the alternative options. Most of the resorts have updates on ther Facebook profiles. Iririki resort will be closed until 31st March, to clean up and fully assess the damage. All their staff and members are safe and well, helping withe clean-up.

PORT VILA 16. March - This category five cyclone affected most of the islands of Vanuatu archipelago. But the main cyclone path went past the capital Port Vila and hit the hardest islands of Erromango and Tanna, which seems to have suffered most of the damage. However, just about all of the island were affected, especially the outer islands, who have suffered greater damage than Port Vila.

So far 11 people have been confirmed killed. But the true extent of the cyclone damage won't be known for days, until all affected islands have been accessed. At the moment only some of the outlaying areas have been visited from air, showing heavy damage. But overall, more heavily populated islands of Efate and Tanna have suffered the most.

Get the latest updates and pictures on BBC on Cyclone Pam, Australia's ABC News, and CNN. You can also check Vanuatu Daily Post news.

PORT VILA 14. March - Vanuatu islands have been hit hard by cyclone Pam, which has devastated this beautiful country and left thousands of people homeless. The wind gusts reached up to 340kms an hour and have ravaged the villages and Vanuatu capital Port Vila, knocking out power and telephone lines. The town streets are littered with debris.

The hardest hit were island of Erromango and Tanna, which bore the brunt of this category five cyclone. The extent of the damage to these and other islands is still being assessed. The problem is lack of accessibility, either by planes or by boats.

The state of emergency has been declared and helps is sought from other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand. First aid packages are being flown from Australia. Other countries have also offered help and aid packages are being organized.

For more up to date information, go to Australia's ABC network news on Cyclone Pam, or BBC's Vanuatu cyclone update. We'll bring you more updates over the coming days.

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