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Spending Christmas Holidays in Vanuatu

How to celebrate tropical Christmas in Vanuatu

A couple on a tropical beach under the sky full of stars

For a truly new experience, if you live in the northern hemisphere, travel to Vanuatu
and celebrate tropical Christmas holidays in the mid southern hemisphere Summer.

Ever since Bing Crosby’s Mele Kalikimaka, a 1950’s Christmas duet with the Andrews Sisters, tropical Christmas holidays have been quite a divisive topic. While some people maintain that they cannot imagine Christmas holidays without the low, wintery temperatures and snow, others are aware of the great benefits a tropical Christmas provides. Swapping the heavy winter coats, hats and scarves for light summer dresses and short-sleeve shirts may be just what you need in the middle of winter. Spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu can provide you with a great respite from the harshness of winter.

The benefits of a tropical Christmas holiday

Spending Christmas holidays in this tropical paradise has a lot of advantages. To begin with, the sunny weather will warm you up and replenish your vitamin D supply. Secondly, it is often considered a given that you will spend your Christmas holidays with your family. This can be a lot of fun and exactly what you need and know at that time of year.

However, it can also be quite stressful. Whether it’s managing your nephews or listening to endless political discussions around the dining room table, it can actually be quite tiring. On the other hand, choosing a tropical Christmas means choosing a stress-free Christmas. Furthermore, removing yourself from your regular surroundings and spending time in nature and the sun will re-energize you. You will be able to start the new year fresh.

A walkway with palm trees and Christmas presents, bells and Santa Claus.

Not only that you will find Christmas decor in Port Vila and Vanuatu resorts,
you can also attend Carols by Candlelight in the capital town's harbour.

Celebrate tropical Christmas in Vanuatu

Some people might be wary of having a tropical Christmas holiday because many tropical countries do not really celebrate Christmas. This is not the case with Vanuatu, however. Eighty-three percent of Vanuatu’s population is Christian. There are also different Christian denominations, so if you are used to going to church on Christmas Eve or something similar, you will still be able to do this, even if you are away from home.

In the harbor of Port Vila, there is an annual event called Carols by Candlelight. This event is a wonderful tradition beloved by visitors and locals alike. People gather outside to sing together and there is often an orchestra or band there to accompany them.

Still a white Christmas

Getting away from the harsh winter days and snow doesn’t mean you won’t be able to still enjoy a white Christmas. Vanuatu is famous for its white sandy beaches which can act as a pleasant stand-in for snow. You will remember the warmth and beauty of Vanuatu’s beaches for many Christmases to come. Even though there is no snow, Vanuatu's decorations are still in typical Christmas fashion. There are twinkly lights everywhere at night and Santa has on his traditional red suit.

A snowman made from white sand on the beach in tropics.

No matter where people celebrate Christmas, including in the tropics, they will get
imaginative and create Christmas atmosphere, even if there's no snowflake in sight.

An out of the ordinary Christmas feast

For most people, the food they eat on holiday is often quite different from the food they regularly eat. And we aren’t just talking about indulging in all of the delicious cocktails your heart desires. People also change their diets during this time to fit the local cuisine. While spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu, you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite summery dishes – in the midst of winter! A typical meal could consist of some light salads, exquisite seafood, and cold meats.

However, if you can’t imagine Christmas day lunch without baked ham, roasted pork or turkey with gravy, fear not. Vanuatu caters to all of its visitors' needs and wishes. You can avoid the guilt that often comes on the heels of over-indulgence by opting for a different dessert. Instead of filling up on cake, you can enjoy the sweetest tropical fruit as much as you want.

A plate of various seafood.

Appropriate for the tropics, your Christmas meal is more likely to consist of
seafood dishes, all too common to Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand.

Another food-related benefit of spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu is that you do not have to worry about preparing the Christmas meals yourself. So much money, effort and time can go into this, leaving you completely and utterly exhausted and unable to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Who wants to spend literal days planning and making different recipes and then worry about clearing out all of the dishes and doing the washing up?

The answer is no one, and choosing Christmas in Vanuatu will free you from such annoyances. Opting for a non-traditional Christmas meal might also provide you with fresh culinary ideas for your future Christmas celebrations. It will shake up what you’re used to and always remind you of the great time you had in Vanuatu.

Spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu can be quite restorative

In times when we need it the most, we are often very slow to provide ourselves with some downtime from our stressful day-to-day obligations. If you are going through any major changes, like being between jobs or recovering from heartbreak, the holidays can be quite tough.

Choosing to spend Christmas in a place like Vanuatu can be just what the doctor ordered. Here, it is virtually impossible to be unhappy. Even if you are relocating to another country with some assistance and you feel like you have it all under control, it might be a good idea to find the time and the finances to take a short break to re-energize.

Christmas decor on a wooden table

Being a mostly Christian country, Vanuatu gets into the spirit of Christmas
with numerous Christmas events and celebrations at local restaurants,
resorts and cafes, in the company of its vistors, expats and the locals.

No frantic Christmas shopping

Not only can spending time with family turn sour, but so can preparations for this high-stakes holiday. Christmas shopping can be a special kind of hell. You need to come up with different ideas and try to find some good deals. It can also be quite taxing on your bank account. Instead, by spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu, you can sidestep this stressful part of the holidays altogether. You can still hand out presents to your family and friends, but they can come in the form of sweet souvenirs from your travels.

Getting all of the benefits of traveling

Spending Christmas holidays in Vanuatu, while having its quirks, will also provide you with all of the typical perks of travel. Some typical holiday activities in Vanuatu are diving, hiking on different trails, fishing and cruises, golfing, etc. You are sure to have a great time no matter where your interests lie.

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