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Port Vila

Vanuatu capital city is a tropical holiday paradise

The city of Port Vila is an amazing place. You will find hundreds of activities and attractions with which to occupy your holiday time. From fishing to scuba diving and diving in the blue holes that dot the island, to sightseeing, local markets, and island tours and cruises.

  Tropical Holidays in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Port Vila About

About Port Vila

As the gateway to Vanuatu islands, visitors usually find that Port Vila is also the best place to start your holiday in Vanuatu. It provides many holiday attractions and things to do on your stay in town, including fine resorts, hotels and restaurants.

Port Vila Attractions

Port Vila Attractions

There's more to Port Vila than the regular sand and water. While the town offers great duty-free shopping, cafés and restaurants, if you venture further out you will find many other interesting attractions around the town.

Port Vila Cafes

Port Vila Cafés

There are several locations in Port Vila that will provide you with a coffee break and more. Best known cafés and snack bars in Port Vila are Au Peche Mignon, Refresh Snack and Bar, Jill's Café, and Café Deli.

Port Vila Duty Free

Port Vila Duty Free

The capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila town is a duty free shopping paradise. You will be treated to a menagerie of Melanesian, English and French cultures, as you wander among the colourful market and duty free stalls.

Port Vila Markets

Port Vila Markets

Situated in the city's main street, Port Vila markets offer an assortment of hancradfted goods, local merchandise, fresh produce, island beef, and seafood to tourists and residents alike. It's a great place to shop for a souvenir or fresh fruit.

Port Vila Restaurants

Port Vila Restaurants

On your holiday in this tropical paradise you will find many great places to eat in Port Vila. Some of the best known places are: Tilly's hotel restaurant, Vila Chaumieres French restaurant, Roxy's on the Lagoon, and Café du Village.

Port Vila Snorkeling

Port Vila Snorkeling

If you want to enjoy some of the most pristine areas, amazing coral reefs and astounding sea life without ever donning a scuba tank, then you can choose one of the many snorkeling options available in Port Vila.

Port Vila Town 

Port Vila Town

The capital of this island nation is the centre for holiday activities and attractions found throughout Vanuatu islands. Visitors will discover numerous possibilities for holiday activities and sightseeing around the town.

Port Vila Vacations

Port Vila Vacation

As the largest city and the gateway to Vanuatu islands, Port Vila is a wonderful place to vacation. There are many holiday accommodation options available in Port Vila, including hotels, motels, resorts and bungalows.

Vanuatu capital

Port Vila is the capital (and the largest) city of Vanuatu and the key Vanuatu holiday destination. The city is home to a mix of South Pacific cultures, with Ni-Vanuatu Melanesian people being a dominant group.

The town of Port Vila is the best place from which to start your Vanuatu holiday, whether you are planning to enjoy only the island of Efate (where Port Vila sits) or you intend to venture out to the other islands around the city.

What to do in Port Vila

Port Vila town offers a whole variety of sightseeing and other activities. Apart from the expected tour and souvenir and gift shops, you will find many duty free stores, some of which also double as currency exchange shops. Small boutique and handcraft shops dot the streets, as do cafes and galleries. Several grocery supermarkets are available, stocking the items usually found in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some particularly French items.

At least several ATM’s are available around the town, serviced by ANZ and Westpac banks, as well as the local National Bank of Vanuatu. The main post office is in the town’s centre near the banks, on the opposite side of the street. And you must not miss out on visiting the colourful Port Vila market, also centrally located. It’s the opportunity to meet the locals with their fruit, vegetables, flowers, shells, and artifacts and souvenirs. The market operates every day except Sunday. Public mini buses run past Worawia resort regularly, which will take you into the town and bring you back.

Panoramic view of Port Vila and its harbour

Port Vila is a laidback tropical paradise, the capital of Vanuatu, and the place
most of visitors to Vanuatu islands stay on their holidays.

Port Vila dining

The trendy and busy downtown area of Port Vila is home to dozens of restaurants that offer everything from standard bar and grill items to fancy French cuisine. Everywhere diners go however they will find that foods have been transformed, and “fusion” cuisine is the true order of the day.

Somehow a simple cup of coffee or fruity cool beverage ends up tasting fabulous when it is sipped alongside, or looking out over, one of the many beautiful scenes that make up the city of Port Vila. At night the town and harbour become alive with night bars and restaurants. For those who enjoy gaming there are also two casinos in Port Vila - Club 21 and Palms Casino.

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