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Best Places to Stay in Vanuatu

Five of the most popular Vanuatu resorts

Vanuatu is a popular holiday destination in the South Pacific. This island archipelago has a great tropical climate, friendly people and very delicious food. Indeed, Vanuatu is an ideal island destination for anyone to spend a holiday, honeymoon, or even hold a wedding ceremony. Furthermore, there are various travel modes to Vanuatu.

Nevertheless, some places are not suitable for the whole family due to their inadequate facilities. Some of the best places that one can stay while in Vanuatu include the Le Meridien, Iririki Island Resort, Chantillys on the Bay, Melanesian, and Tamanu on the Beach, among others.

Le Meridien

Le Meridien resort room
One of the rooms at Le Merdien Hotel in Port Vila, Vanuatu

This is a large extensive resort with a complete golf course. The resort has many facilities; hence, suitable for most travellers. In addition, it is child friendly since the place has a kids club. Le Meridien is situated on Erakor Lagoon, five to ten minutes drive from Port Villa. However, driving and swimming is limited.

The venue is also suitable for newly wedded couple who want to spend their honeymoon in a very quiet place. Additionally, the resort has a water bungalows that are gorgeous; hence, suitable to hold ceremonies such as birthdays and weddings.

Iririki Island Resort

Iririki Island Resort is situated on an island around five to ten minutes boat ride from Port Villa. The resort is a very quiet place since its management does not allow children under the age of twelve. It has garden bungalows with an underway refurbs and a complete poster beds. The resort also has good conference facilities that can hold small and large group of people. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for elderly and physically disabled people due to its steep walkways. The resort is also suitable to hold wedding ceremonies and a perfect destination for honeymooners and couples.

Iririki Island Resort, Port Vila

One of the best known Vanuatu resorts is picturesque Iririki Island Resort,
located on Iririki Island in Port Vila harbour.

Chantilly's on the Bay

Chantillys on the Bay in Port Vila
Chantilly's on the Bay apartments overlooking waters of Port Vila town

These are modern, fully furnished apartments. Chantilly's on the Bay is located on the bay, three to five minutes drive from Port Vila town. The apartments have good conference facilities that are suitable for corporate groups.

There is also a very reputable restaurant, beauty parlour, and gift shop. Besides, there are two sun lover rooms equipped with big sundeck. Regrettably, the building does not have lifts and one has to climb stairs in order to access all rooms. Fortunately, there are only three floors, so it's not a big problem for most of the apartments' guests.

The Melanesian

This is a perfect hotel for budget travellers due to their friendly costs. It is located a few meters away from the town. The Melanesian hotel has both hotel rooms and self-contained rooms. In addition, the hotel has a club, bar, and a small casino. Other facilities in the hotel include an entertainment ground, kava tasting, and a swimming pool.

Swimming pool at The Melanesian Hotel in Port Vila

The swimming pool is one of the key features at The Melanesian Hotel,
popular accommodation choice for many Vanuatu travellers.

Tamanu on the Beach

Tamanu on the Beach
Tamanu on the Beach hotel

This is a cherished and isolated hotel and resort. It is approximately twenty to thirty minutes drive from Port Vila. This is the best place to relax by the ocean just observing its beauty. Children are not allowed and they do not have conference facilities as the place is strictly for honeymooners and couples only. Tamanu has been the winner of tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence 4 years in row.

These are but a handful of places to stay in Vanuatu. You will find numerous holiday accommodation options, such as hotels, motels, lodges, exotic resorts and tradition-styled bungalows, all of which range from one-star to five-star grade. Much like Adorno Suites ( on the holiday island of Mykonos, Greece, most of the holiday accommodation is located by the beach, giving guests a great view of the ocean. The most popular accommodation is the traditional bungalow. They offer exquisite tropical experience with great services.

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Best Family Resorts in Vanuatu
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