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The Nightlife of Vanuatu

Nightly entertainment in Port Vila

Vanuatu visitors come to Vanuatu via the capital Port Vila, where most of the night entertainment is located. The nightlife of Vanuatu can be surprisingly lively, giving you many options to be entertained during the evenings. There are bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and casinos, providing nightly entertainment to visitors.

Kava drink

When you visit some of these night spots, you will find that most evenings begin with a traditional island drink of kava. Made from the root of specific type of plant that is part of the pepper tree family, kava is traditionally served in a shell.

Music string band at Melanesian feast night

Instrumental music is an essential part of authentic Melanesian feast night,
which usually involves local string bands playing music and singing.

Throughout the Pacific islands, Melanesians have used this drink for centuries as a relaxant. Although it's not produced from alcohol, it can be intoxicating. So, beware and don't overdo it. With most visitors to Vanuatu, a single drink of kava is quite enough, just to get the taste and be part of the crowd.

Feast nights

Another unavoidable Vanuatu experience is going to one of Melanesian feast nights. These are organized by many major hotels and resorts in Vanuatu, as special theme nights. Some of those are quite authentic, while the others are more commercially oriented.

These theme nights are based around Melanesian style feasts, which feature kava drinking, local string bands, traditionally story telling, and local dance customs. It's a great way to have fun and ejoyment, while learning more about the local customs and foods.

One of the most popular feast nights was Solo's Feast at Worawia resort, which is no longer held due to the host's age. It was an authentic feats night that attracted visitors from other holiday resorts. Now, one of the most popular feasts is held at former Mele Botanical Gardens, now called The Secret Garden.

Enjoying drinks at night bar

After a "hard day" of holiday activities around Port Vila town,
it's time to enjoy refreshing drinks at your favourite bar or restaurant.

Bars and restaurants

Port Vila has many harbour front restaurants and bars, as well as hillside ones with beautiful views, day or night. From grill, barbecue and seafood to Chinese, French and Aussie-style.

Some of them are popular nightspots, featuring satellite TV, darts, snooker, and of course bars. There are waterfront bars, which also include live music, which are popular with yachties and expats.

For example, if you’re looking for a good place to enjoy seafood, consider taking a jaunt down to the Waterfront Bar & Grill, which is known for its beer and seafood as well as live entertainment on Sundays.

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