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An Essential Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

Living in a South Pacific paradise in Vanuatu islands,
either as an expatriate or a new resident.

White sand beach with blue, foamy seas

Vanuatu's environmentally and culturally protected coastline,
dotted with white sandy beaches,
make it a perfect tropical islands' place,
to spend your years in this South Pacific paradise.

Moving to another country after living in the comfort of your own can be an extremely overwhelming experience. You don’t really know anybody and the culture change will take some time to get used to. Especially in Vanuatu, where diversity is noticeable and many different languages are spoken. However, in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, you’ll find many reasons to move to Vanuatu islands, where there are scenic views and calmful peace providing everything you require.

Why choose Vanuatu?

If it’s a tropical getaway island that you’re looking to move to then there’s no better than Vanuatu. Consistent weather throughout the year enables you to make the most of the islands and what they have to offer, with white sandy beaches to enjoy and environmentally protected coastlines. The plant and animal life around these islands remains of high importance and so much of it is prominent throughout rainforests and lagoons. This is benefitted from the fact that the majority of the islands remain largely unpopulated, which means biodiversity is easily maintained. For those who live in Australia, it’s only a 3-hour flight to visit Vanuatu which is handy if you really want a relaxing getaway for the weekend.

It’s no surprise that Vanuatu is popular for those coming from across the globe. The government is welcome to foreign investment, which means those looking to do business from overseas find it easier to do so. Many factors play into this with the country having no income tax and low costs of labour. Overall, Vanuatu is extremely pleasant considering the low crime rates and low levels of social and political problems compared to the country’s counterparts.


You will require a residents visa, as you would with any country when moving to Vanuatu. Although, the check may not be as extensive as applying for a UK visa or US visa for example. They are issued for one year, you then require to renew them annually. To apply you’d just need to fill out the relevant application form and send it to the Immigration Office where a fee is also payable. Bear in mind that your renewal is subject to review and are guaranteed if your circumstances are still the same from when you first applied. If you’re looking to work you’d also need to apply for a work permit where again, you can renew annually. Once you’ve been a resident of Vanuatu for 10 years you can apply for full citizenship in the country.


For many migrants and overseas residents, they choose to purchase land and build their own accommodation from the iron and waste materials available. This is mainly because government-housing is only really affordable to those of the middle class in Vanuatu, however, your income and budget are totally dependent on this. You’ll find that there are many estate professionals available who are more than welcome to help you out and find the right property for you.

Opening a hotel room door

Looking for a good housing deal, whether you buy a house ot find a good
long-term rental
deal is a far better option than staying at hotels,
which cen get expensive in the long run.

Leisure and Cuisine

Vanuatu has plenty to offer in terms of things to do. For a tourist, you can indulge in the normal activities that are available like tours and scuba diving. There are also famous landmarks that you can engage with, like Million Dollar Point found near Luganville, on Santo island. It’s a great site for diving and enjoying the great landscapes that Vanuatu has to offer. One of the greatest attractions to Vanuatu is the food. Local fish produce is available in the markets along with fresh meat and vegetables.


Healthcare can appear a bit difficult for migrants as there is a major shortage of health professionals and the distance between islands is relatively long. Although Vanuatu is seen as a 3rd world country, there are now many urban areas which provide clean drinking water. There should be some caution before deciding to move to Vanuatu. If possible try to visit a health professional to gain advice on the best care so there’s less difficulty when you arrive. If you have existing medication then it would be recommended to bring as much available to you.

Generally, the main purpose for people moving to Vanuatu is to relax and be comfortable. It’s an easy way of life where there are no major issues and the busy lifestyle is left behind.

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