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Casinos in Vanuatu

Where do you find gaming entertainment in Port Vila

Feeling lucky? Would like to try your hand on slot machines, or fancy a game of blackjack? No problem. There are three casinos in Port Vila. One is the Club 21 Limited in the Melanesian Hotel, the other is The Palms Casino in the Le Meridien Hotel, and the third one at the Grand Hotel. These are offline or land casinos in Vanuatu.

A number of online casinos are based in Vanuatu. The country is known as low-tax jurisdiction, with no personal or income tax, or company tax. There is only VAT or Value Adde Tax of 12.5%, which is paid on all consumer goods. Gaming is subject to a low 2.5% revenue tax.

Gaming table at casino

Being a low-tax jurisdiction, Vanuatu is popular with gaming industry
and a desired location
for both land and online casinos.

Club 21 Limited

Located in The Melanesian Hotel, the Club 21 Limited has 66 'one-armed bandits' or slot machines. The casino offers table games with Baccarat and Blackjack, plus Anchor's Wheel of Gold - the roulette wheel.

There are also 2 Italian restaurants with bars in the hotel, Gino's and Oasis Bar and Grill.

The Palms Casino

Probably the only true land casino in Vanuatu. It was first opened in 1990. After celebrating 20 years in Vanuatu, the casino moved to new premises in 2010.

The Palms Casino has 53 slot machines and nine tables - 5 with Blackjack, 2 with Mini-Baccarat, and 2 with the roulette. There are 3 restaurants at the hotel, including a bar inside the casino.

Roulette is a popular game at Vanuatu casinos

At every casino in Vanuatu roulette wheel is a popular game
with its visitors and patrons, looking to try their luck.

Grand Hotel and Casino

The tallest building in Port Vila, and Vanuatu for that matter, is the Grand Hotel and Casino. This 6-level building has a waterfront location, in the heart of the central business district.

There are two gaming floors at the casino. Players can enjoy blackjack, baccarat and roulette, as well as play on slot machines.

The hotel has 74 rooms, including Harbour View, Panorama and Penthouse suites available to its guests. This includes 24-hour room service and free internet access.

For entertainment, guests can enjoy day spa facilities, as well as dine at Crystals Restaurant, or have drinks at Hemipshere Lounge & Bar.

Being in Port Vila's CBD, all town's shopping, restaurants and nightclubs are located within a walking distance from the hotel and casino.


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Casinos in Vanuatu
Casinos in Vanuatu

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