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8 Best Family Holiday Resorts in Vanuatu

Best family holiday accommodation in Vanuatu

A world away from civilization, Vanuatu remains relatively untouched by waves of mass tourism. 5000 square miles of pristine waters welcome tourists who are looking for an escape into paradise. This Melanesian archipelago has held on to its customs and traditions, with residents living in complete harmony with nature. The moods of the water and wind rule the land.

Visitors usually arrive at Port Vila, the nation's capital. Located in the main island of Efate, Port Vila comes alive with magnificent corals and diverse aquatic life. Vanuatu is a perfect getaway for couples and families looking for some quality time together. So leave your fancy gadgets at home and slip into flipflops as we bring you some of the best family resorts in Vanuatu.

1. Pacific Lagoon Apartments

Pacific Lagoon Apartments in Vanuatu

If you are looking for 'value for money' resorts, Pacific Lagoon Apartments is a good choice. (Image: )

Considered one of the best Value for Money resorts, the Pacific Lagoon Apartments guarantee you a wonderful Vanuatu experience. With a good restaurant that caters to all taste buds and a gorgeous pool, this place has everything you need for a relaxed weekend on a budget. Not to mention the strategic location that gives you to access to the island's chill out hubs.

2. White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa

Sea views at White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa in Vanuatu

Located outside of Port Vila, White Grass Resort is great place for an out-of-the-way
holiday experience. (Image:

This award-winning boutique resort is an excellent option if you are looking for an aesthetically enclosed place. Shell a few more bucks and the place with its exquisite spa is all yours! Featuring breathtaking ocean views, its bures and family villas are what one would call state of art. White Grass Ocean Resort has a direct access to the pristine waters makes it a great spot for snorkelling and scuba diving.

3. Erakor Island Resort

White sand beach at Erakor Island Resort in Vanuatu

Enjoy your small island holiday experience at Erakor Island Resort, located a
short distance
 from Vanuatu's capital Port Vila. (Image source:  )

Erakor is complete island time! The place reminds you of a tropical paradise. The staff is friendly and cordial, and they take your privacy very seriously. The bungalows come with a private veranda that faces the ocean. Its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches offer a perfect spot for a destination wedding.

4. MG Cocomo Resort

Pool area at MG Cocomo Resort in Vanuatu

If you enjoy a secluded holiday, MG Cocomo Resort offers a perfect getaway in an
outdoor setting with swimming pool. (Image:

A little slice of heaven, MG Cocomo Resort is a perfect tropical getaway for people looking for a quiet, secluded vacation. Playgrounds, games room and supermarkets give you the best of both worlds. With a friendly staff looking after your comfort every other second, your stay here is sure to be a comfortable one. The resort serves a variety of cuisine and the food would NOT disappoint you. Regardless of their experience, every visitor agrees on a common point - "the bathrooms are just WOW"!

5. Traveller's Budget Motel

Bungalow with pool at Traveller's Budget Motel in Vanuatu

A private pool with villa at Traveller's Budget Motel for those who like more comfort.

Secret gardens and beautiful beaches, who can say no to an ethereal island experience. If you get your hands on one of their villas with a private pool, voila..! We are talking about luxury on a budget. Quaint village tours and breathtaking boat trips, grab your water gear for absolutely free and get ready for a marine adventure!

6. Iririki Island Resort & Spa

Waterfront wooden bungalows at Iririki Island Resort in Vanuatu

Located in the middle of Port Vila harbour, Iririki Island Resort has long been
a favourite
among Vanuatu resorts. (Image:

Iririki Island Resort is perfect for tourists looking for adventure sports. Snorkelling, kayaking, tennis courts and much more: this place is a tiny adventure island in itself. Kids will enjoy the best here. Period. With plenty of fun activities, playgrounds and kids very own club, your tots are going to have the time of their lives. Want to sneak out with your love for a quality evening? No worries. The place offers babysitting services as well. Huge family bungalows to cute self-contained apartments, all of this at a distance of 3 minutes (boat ride) from Port Villa. And if you are into 4*4 off-road kind of stuff? You might want one of those subaru roof rack to carry your luggage before you check in!

7. Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary in Vanuatu

Accessed via a quick ferr ride from Efate island in Mele, Hideaway Island Resort
provides a
complete island holiday experience in Vanuatu, with a restaurant and
activities available.

(Image: )

Looking for a hideaway?

Welcome to the land of beaches and corals. Located at a distance of 15 minutes from Port Vila, Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary feels like a home away from home. The place is strewn with spectacular reefs rocky pathways that bring you closer to nature. Intertwined branches of acacia and banyan trees create a subtle hint of mystery, bathing the entire place in a fairytale-ish vibe. Not into coral rocks? A jetty and a bar by the ocean are sure to entice you. And you are, by any chance into swimming or snorkelling, the calm waters of Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary are exactly what you are looking for.

8. Aquana Beach Resort

Swimming pool at Aquana Beach Resort in Vanuatu

For an unforgettable island holiday experience, Aquana Beach Resort provides
a great location
and family setting.
(Image: )

Saving the best for the last, Aquana Beach Resort promises you an unforgettable island experience. It's sandy bays and calm waters, welcome every couple, family and soul searcher with equal warmth. Lush tropical rainforest and endless beaches that seem to blend into eternity are perfect to lay low and let go of all your worries. Let's not forget the tons of fun activities and sport the resort has to offer. With a friendly well-informed staff looking after your comfort, this places makes sure you feel at home. Capturing the real essence of Vanuatu, Aquana Beach Resort is perfect for the tired soul.

Vanuatu is a blend of love, peace and harmony. So let your hair down and grab your sunscreen. We are in for some tropic love.

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