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ATV Tours in Vanuatu

Experience ATV adventures riding your own quad

It's the latest rage and a great way to enjoy unspoilt beauty of Vanuatu's scenic coastline and lush jungles, riding your own all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad. These ATV rides have been incorporated in six different tours, visiting some of the best known and most popular Vanuatu attractions. Here are the first two ATV tours, with other four coming up shortly.

  Experience adventure on Vanuatu tours with ATV rides
Man riding ATV along coastline

Coastal ATV Riding Adventure Tour

Coastal and mountain ATV (all-terrain vehicle) riding adventure for those who enjoy ATV riding and outdoors. Drive along beach coastline in Port Vila, to the mountains for great panoramic views of Mele Bay and Hideaway island. More info on Coastal ATV Riding Adventure Tour coming soon. Download 2-page PDF here.

Family on ATVs in a jungle

Jungle ATV Riding Adventure Tour

This amazing adventure ATV ride will take you through the lush jungles outside of Port Vila, where you can explore the true nature of this wonderful tropical destination. A great outdoor getaway for the whole family, reasonably priced, with pick up and drop off organized at your hotel. Download 2-page PDF here.

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