Vanuatu holiday resorts and visitors guide


All you need to know about working holidays in Vanuatu

Learn to blend with the locals and take part in their activities, to help you create contacts and find a job for your working holiday in Vanuatu.

A main street in Port Vila town, Vanuatu

As the capital city and gateway to Vanuatu, Port Vila is also the most populated
town in this island country. So, it's the best place for you to start your working
holiday in Vanuatu, where you can find most job opportunities.

Visiting Vanuatu on any occasion is a magical thing. There's quite a bit to do during your stay. Visiting its resorts and partaking in all the fun activities will make for a time of your life. However, going on working holidays in Vanuatu is an even better way to spend your time here. It means that you'll be completely immersed in the culture of Vanuatu and have all the time needed to experience this place as a true local.

What are working holidays?

Firstly, if you're not familiar with the term working holiday, understand what it entails a bit better. Generally speaking, a working holiday means visiting another country and staying there longer than you would for a regular vacation.

Another important piece of information about working holidays is that people can perform a short-term job that isn't too demanding to earn some extra money. Many people use this money to pay for their stay in Vanuatu since they don't want to work long hours. However, if that's something that you'd have no problem with, you could extend your hours in agreement with your boss. A very interesting part of working holidays in Vanuatu is that you can get various short-term jobs in different areas to experience what living there would be like.

Ideal activities for working holidays in Vanuatu

Of course, a considerable part of Vanuatu working holidays is having fun and exploring the place. And you won't have trouble finding a way to live in the present and make the most out of your time here, as Vanuatu offers many activities to fill your days.

A Ni-Vanuatu waiter serving cocktails at a Vanuatu resort

Tourism and hospitality industries are the largest employers in Vanuatu islands.
So, your best chance for a working holiday in Vanuatu is to try and source out
a job in these industries that offer a wide range of employment possibilities.

Events and festivals

A great way to add some depth to your working holiday in Vanuatu is to do what the locals do. Don't just go on the organized trips, but make sure to also visit the events and festivals that are active during your visit. You can take part in various activities and, given the selection, you will undoubtedly find something you enjoy. This way, you'll feel like you're experiencing all the cultural values that the place offers.

Enjoy the water

One of the most mesmerizing experiences that going on a working holiday in Vanuatu can offer is losing yourself in the beautiful depth of the blue waters. You'll not only find the sandy beaches perfectly accommodating and relaxing, but you'll also love to take a peek at underwater life. If you're up for adventures, you should go scuba diving and snorkeling. You will easily find a place that organizes these activities. Going fishing or enjoying a similarly relaxing experience for those that aren't thrill-seekers is also very common in Vanuatu.

The food is amazing

If you're a foodie, which is impossible not to be when you're a traveler and an adventurist, you'll love the choices that Vanuatu offers. In their resorts, you'll find an abundance of fresh seafood and fish of different kinds.

Requirements for spending your working holidays here

Getting a work permit is a requirement that you'll have to fulfill before planning a working holiday in Vanuatu. However, you'll be happy to know that obtaining this work permit isn't a painstaking process. Everything that you need to get (information-wise) should be in one place.

Contact The Labor Department for all the questions and perplexities that you may have since they are responsible for arranging and issuing all the documents related to your work permit. If you're coming from a faraway country, be sure to check their laws concerning your country particularly.

A man placing his signature on a document.

'Don't say hop before you jump' is the old saying, meaning that you should do
your homework and research job market in Vanuatu, before you decide on
going over and signing a contract for a working holiday.

International relocation to Vanuatu

Once you experience all the wonders and adventures that working holidays in Vanuatu offer, you may wish to relocate there permanently. Now, if you decide to stay for good, you'll need to go through quite a bit of paperwork and a substantial relocation process. Although this is by no means easy, it's completely achievable, and the results are worth the wait.

Plan thoroughly

The first thing you'll need to do even before filling in the paperwork is plan everything out. You should take moving to Vanuatu seriously and be as thorough and meticulous as possible. Everything that'll come after that will go much more smoothly.

Hire expert movers

Another thing of great importance if you're relocating to Vanuatu is to hire a reliable moving company. It would be best to do this as soon as possible so that you can find a perfect fit for your needs. When you are about to go through an international relocation, specialists from advise hiring a company that offers a variety of services so that they can accommodate your needs. Moving abroad goes beyond just the transport of your belongings over the border. In general, you always want to have experts who provide quality, diversity, and reliability for a fair price.

Visit Vanuatu Islands

Staying on one of the Islands in Vanuatu is a magical experience. Seeing how a vast majority of the island nation consists of bigger and smaller islands, you'll have many opportunities to do so. Probably the most famous are the islands of Efate and Santo. They're grand and critical to the development of tourism in Vanuatu. There, you'll see incredible sights and do plenty of activities.

Whether you're into diving adventures or simple relaxation, you won't be disappointed. Port Vila is a must-see if you're in this area. Even though this one is the most popular, don't miss out on all the other beautiful islands Vanuatu offers. You can sign up for a trip around various islands. It might be the best way to cover all the spots you wouldn't want to miss.

Bungalows in Vanuatu.

Being a tropical island destination, Vanuatu charming bungalow accommodation
is one of your choices for staying here on your working holidays. Depending on
your preferences, you might even find a job at one of these popular resorts.

Enjoy the perfect resorts even after your move

Just because you've fully relocated to Vanuatu, that doesn't mean that you should stop having all the fun. Like you've found excellent ways of spending your time during your working holidays in Vanuatu, you should find a way to keep the flame alive after the move. Stepping out of your routine and visiting one of the beautiful resorts Vanuatu offers is a great idea. You can stay in either bungalows or more modern hotels depending on your style and needs. When work and everyday life get too challenging, you can bring the spark back to your life.

Photos used: by Unsplash

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