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Although you will find here plenty of useful Vanuatu information, including Vanuatu Guide and Vanuatu photo gallery, good videos can often tell a lot more than any images or text can describe.

We have selected a number of Vanuatu videos from YouTube that you will find on different pages on this site:

1. Vanuatu Pentecost Island - 10-minute video with Pentecost island tourism highlights, including local customs, handicrafts, sand drawing, and more

2. Land Divers - National Geographic 4-minute video about land diving ritual with rare and amazing footage

3. Vanuatu Aore Island - highlights from Aore, an island off west coast of Santo island

4. Myth of Kava Origin - a 10-minute video about how kava came into being on the Pentecost island

5. Pele Island - footage of honeymoon couple's day trip to Pele island

6. Vanuatu Paradise - video by Alcina Charlie, Vanuatu local artist who performs at the Waterfront Bar in Port Vila

7. Vanuatu islands video - features the country's highlights from a dozen or more Vanuatu islands, province by province

8. Vanuatu islands music - various music clips from the author's journey through the islands

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