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Vanuatu Resorts -
Places Where You Get Complete Serenity

Where to experience calm and ambience on your holiday in Vanuatu

Nighttime tranquility at a Vanuatu resort

If serene and tranquil is your chosen holiday feel, you will find it at
Vanuatu resort places.

The places in this world are so picturesquely beautiful that whether you live in the East or in the West, you’ll be able to find a decent location to spend some time in peace. The daily work routine can be deadly. A person should, with his family or friends, take out time and go on a vacation every now and then.

Enjoy serene environment and luxurious beaches

And with the compelling view of the pristine beaches at Vanuatu, what would be a better place to escape the ordinary? The Vanuatu resorts are popular for their serene environment, thrilling activities, luxurious beaches and never-ending Island adventures. It is a perfect place for the tourists and, anyone who loves to be a part of nature will love hanging out in the Vanuatu tropical resorts. From the lovely, bright and shiny mornings to the lavish and naturally wondrous nights, the Vanuatu resorts are all about comfort and joy.

Al Marjan RAK being a fond of the marvelous Islands and its beauty itself brings forth the 6 best Vanuatu resorts that you must visit on your trip to the Vanuatu Islands. They are all about the tranquility and serenity that you get to feel once you reach the resort.

The 6 best ones are as follows:

Vale Vale Beachfront Villas Vanuatu

Vale Vale Beachfront Villas in Vanuatu

White sand beach, green palms and calm blue sea await you
at Vale Vale Beachfront Villas.

These villas are known for their amazing connection with the natural world outside. The villa is designed to link you to the calm and serene ambiance of Vanuatu beachfront. The mere sight of white sand, green trees and the calm sea blue sea will simply turn your day around. They offer the best services and make their guests feel at home. Swim in the sea at all tides or walk at night with your partner by your side; you won’t be disappointed by the serenity outside. Enter your bedroom and you’ll get all the desired services in the way you want!

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

Holiday Inn Resort in Vanuatu

A great place to start your holiday adventure in Vanuatu is at Holiday Inn Resort.
(Image source:

This place is a perfect start for your holiday. Just name the service and the resort managers will make sure you get to have it. They offer everything from the international casino to a day-spa service, restaurants, kids club and lavish garden view rooms and villas. The vibrant green golf course, lively palm trees, crystal clear blue water and the white sand here invites you in for a lovely adventure.

Breakas Beach Resort

Breakas Beach Resort in Vanuatu

For couples or honeymooners, Breakas Beach Resort provides
a perfect romantic setting.

Al Marjan is delighted to present another recommendation for the Vanuatu resorts where you can stay. This place looks best in the evening and is a stunning place to be at night. The dining areas arranged in the vicinity of the sea are incredible. The view of the sunset brings together the perfect romantic saga for couples and lovebirds. Breakas is a boutique resort ideal for couples, newly wedded and adults.

Bokissa Private Island Resort

Bokissa Private Island Resort

For adventurous, outdoor type travellers, Bokissa Private Island Resort
offers a memorable experience. (Image:

If you are up for an escapade of adventures, then Bokissa Private Island is the best place for you! It is an isolated Island, huge and offers activities like deep sea fishing, parasailing, Malo river tour, kava nights, snorkeling, kayaking, bird watching and what not. Excited, aren’t you? From the outdoor experience to the indoor services, you’ll enjoy them all here.

Hideaway Island Resort

Hideaway Island Resort in Vanuatu

Located across from Mele Village, Hideaway Island Resort provides a complete
holiday experience in Vanuatu. (Image source:

Famous as the little slice of Paradise among the tourist, the Hideaway Island ideally serves all the thrilling activities and flawless dining and accommodation services in its bungalows and villas. You can go for snorkeling, kayaking, kite surfing and diving here or play board games in the fresh and highly spirited environment. It is linked to around 15 diving sites (till the present date) and offer a tremendous scuba diving experience to enjoy.

Iririki Island Resort and Spa

Pools at Iririki Island Resort and Spa

Where you are looking for a budget bungalow or a luxury villa experience,
you will find it at Iririki Island Resort and Spa, located centrally in Port Vila harbour.
(Image source:

Our number sixth recommendation from the many Vanuatu resorts is the Iririki island resort and spa. It offers everything from the deluxe apartments to villas and luxurious bungalows. It also offers a wonderful dining experience. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines here along with the green tropical gardens, crystal clear water and the serenity that surrounds the area.

The mind-blowing experience at Vanuatu islands is charming and that’s what most of the tourists who have been there are saying about it. The resorts here a perfect blend of the beautiful view, comfortable accommodation and pleasing hospitality. Planning your next trip to live through serenity? Keep Vanuatu island resorts at the top of your list.

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