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Casinos in Vanuatu

A brief guide to Vanuatu casinos

When traveling to Vanuatu, you will discover there is plenty to keep you occupied. The natural beauty of the more than 80 islands that make up the nation of Vanuatu is certainly enough to inspire you while the fishing, surfing and swimming is second to none. When you are ready to take a break from the idyllic beaches and breathtaking waterfalls, there are also plenty of other entertainment options.

Blackjack is popular at Vanuatu casinos
Blackjack dealer at a casino

Beginning in the 1980s, Vanuatu began to take steps to develop a casino industry. Today there are two large casinos from which to choose while you are visiting Vanuatu. Both Vanuatu casinos are located in the capital city of Port Vila.

The Palms Casino

The first casino to be developed in Vanuatu was the Palms Casino. You can find it in the Tassiriki Park district of Port Vila in the Le Meridien Hotel. This casino takes pride in being completely international. The table games which are featured in the casino are based on Australian casino rules.

The casino opens the slot machine area at 11:30 am and the gaming tables at 12:30 pm for gaming tables. With the exception of Friday and Saturday night, the casino closed at 2am. On Friday and Saturdays it closed at 3am.

The casino accepts most international currencies. Bets typically begin at 100 Vatu and can go up to as high as 500,000 Vatu. There are more than 60 slot machines and nine gaming tables. Five of those tables offer blackjack while there are two mini-baccarat tables. There are also two tables for roulette. In addition, the hotel offers three restaurants, two swimming pools, a golf course and a day spa.

Club 21 Limited

The second Vanuatu casino is Club 21 Limited. This casino is situated in the Melanesian Hotel in the Shefa district of Port Vila. This casino offers nearly 70 slot machines. In addition, players can choose between blackjack and baccarat. The casino opens at 10 am and closes at 2:30 am. The Melanesian Hotel is considered to be a luxury hotel, offer two restaurants, a swimming pool and tennis court.

Casinos roulette wheel
Roulette is one of the popular games played at Vanuatu casinos, in addition to blackjack,
poker and baccarat.

Jupiters Vanuatu

Opened in February 2009, Jupiters Vanuatu casino is situated at the Sebel Hotel. The casino has 2 gaming floors, which includes gaming tables for blackjack, baccarat and roulette, as well as slot machines. Being the newest of Vanuatu casinos, Jupiters Vanuatu features modern casino facilities and new games that have never been played on any gaming tables in Vanuatu before.

The combination of deep blue lagoons, fabulous sunsets, sandy beaches and excellent casinos gambling opportunities, make Vanuatu an idyllic paradise.

When you start planning your holiday in Vanuatu, visit our Vanuatu Resorts and Accommodation pages, where you will find more information about different holiday accommodation choices available in Port Vila and Vanuatu islands.

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