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Only a few hours flying time from Australia, Vanuatu offers the perfect blend of South Pacific culture, charm and hospitality. Combine that with duty free shopping, volcanic sand beaches, tropical waterfalls and deep sea fishing, and you have the ideal escape from the daily grind.

  All about Vanuatu and South Pacific
Vanuatu Facts

Vanuatu Facts

Formerly known as New Hebrides, Vanuatu gained its independence in 1980. This island archipelago is spread over 83 islands in South Pacific. Read more about Vanuatu's language, origins, traditions and population.

Vanuatu Story

Vanuatu Story

In the local Bislama language, 'Vanuatu' means 'our land forever'. Vanuatu is a self-governing republic and a member of the Commonwealth. Ni-Vanuatu people are Melanesian race, who speak over 110 local languages.

Vanuatu Activities

Vanuatu Activities

This tropical island paradise is a perfect place to relax and enjoy, keeping busy with a variety of fun activities, both on land and in water. We give you a quick rundown of some of the holiday activities that will keep you occupied on your Vanuatu holiday.

Vanuatu Attractions

Vanuatu Attractions

On your holiday here, the tropical islands of Vanuatu will leave you wanting more, with its sightseeing, tours, activities and other attractions. Discover seven of the top attractions in Vanuatu, which includes many local fests.

Vanuatu Christmas

Vanuatu Christmas

If you have never experienced a tropical Christmas, come December, take a trip to Vanuatu. You will find Christmas celebrations similar as in the northern hemisphere, except there is no snow and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Vanuatu Flights

Vanuatu Flights

Unless you are taking a cruise to Vanuatu, or going on slow boat ride, the only way to reach Vanuatu is flying over. There are direct flights from the nearby island nations, but most flights come via Australia and New Zealand.

Vanuatu Relocation

Vanuatu Relocation

Being close to Australia's east coast and New Zealand, Vanuatu is a popular destination for those who want to relocate to warmer places. Many Aussies and Kiwis are living here, as are expats of other nationalities.

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

After living in the comfort of your own, moving to another country can be an overwhelming experience. It takes some getting used to in your new country and new culture. But if you choose a diverse expat community, like in Vanuatu, it'll make it easier.

Family Getaway

Family Getaway Destination

When you are looking for a tropical family holiday destination, you want the place that will be fun for the whole family. Vanuatu holiday offers a range of attractions and activities that make it a perfect family getaway.

Island of Efate

Holiday on Efate Island

The main administrative island, the most populated and home to Vanuatu capital, Port Vila. Efate island is your gateway island when you arrive to Port Vila. So, it's no surprise that most of holiday fun can be had on Efate island.

Plan Trip to Vanuatu

Plan Trip to Vanuatu

How should you prepare for a trip to Vanuatu? What kind of precautions you need before going over there? What should you pack? What else would you need? Follow our guide to preparing for your Vanuatu trip, before you start packing.

Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

This tropical island paradise features secluded swimming spots, pristine beaches, active volcanos and events that are unique to Vanuatu. These include many local annual fests, Pentecost land diving ceremony, and art festivals.

South Pacific

South Pacific Region

This area of the Pacific Ocean is geographically known as Oceania. South Pacific hosts some of the most popular holiday and travel destinations, including Vanuatu, Nauru, Solomons, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, and New Caledonia.

Things to Do in Vanuatu

Things To Do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu islands enjoy a slow pace of life, where you will find an abundance of sights and places to see and things to do. The most popular islands are Efate, Santo and Tanna, providing many activities and attractions.

Winter Holidays in Vanuatu

Winter Holidays in Vanuatu

If you are looking for a winter break with your family, Vanuatu is an ideal destination. This tropical island archipelago is an eco-friendly tourism paradise that's only a short flight from Australia. Here are some facts and tips for a winter holiday in Vanuatu.

Efate Island

The largest island in Vanuatu archipelago is Espiritu Santo island. But the main island and gateway to Vanuatu is Efate island, home to Port Vila, Vanuatu's capital.

Vanuatu has two airports, domestic and international, both located just outside of Port Vila. The domestic airport provides local flights to islands, including island hopping and scenic flights.

Bauerfield International Airport welcomes visitors from other countries to Port Vila and Vanuatu.

Vanuatu – South Pacific

Map of Vanuatu islands
Vanuatu islands map

Vanuatu is a group of 83 islands in the South West Pacific, situated North East of New Caledonia and North West of Fiji. This region is more commonly known as the South Pacific. Vanuatu islands belong to Melanesia region.

Most Vanuatu resorts are located on Efate Island, which is the main administrative island of the Vanuatu archipelago. This island is also home to Vanuatu's capital, Port Vila.

Vanuatu and Oceania maps were provided courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Port Vila Town

Port Vila town panorama
Panorama of Port Vila
Port Vila city is the capital of Vanuatu and an important commercial and business centre for Vanuatu and the South Pacific. The majority of 50,000 people living on Efate Island are residents of Port Vila, which offers a lively and colourful mix of services, offices, banks, restaurants, gift and souvenir shops, duty free stores, supermarkets, boutiques, cafes, galleries and local green and handcrafts market. There are also many expats living in Port Vila, who have relocated to Vanuatu and / or have Vanuatu citizenship.

Temperatures in Vanuatu

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Remembering that Vanuatu is in the Southern Hemisphere (it’s Winter here when it’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere), the climate of Vanuatu is generally tropical temperate with rainfall averaging about 235 centimetres (90 inches) annually. Ideal destination for those who'd like to experience a tropical Christmas, for a change.

Typical temperature ranges are:

December – March: temperature range 21°C - 33°C
April – June: temperature range 19°C - 29°C
July – September: temperature range 15°C - 26°C
October – November: temperature range 18°C - 30°C

Use an online temperature converter for precise temperature conversions, from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Further reading about Vanuatu
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