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Emae Island

Emae Island

Although seldom visited by travellers, Emae island is one of the largest islands in the Shepherds group of islands, which are part of Vanuatu islands archipelago. A new eco-tourism project could bring more travellers, apart from yachties and divers, to this picturesque island paradise, with sandy beaches and corals.

Ambae Island

Ambae Island

This island, located near the large Santo Island, became famous for being the inspiration behind the late American author James Michener's "Tales of the South Pacific". Watching the island disappear in the morning mist, the author got the idea for the magical island paradise he named Bali Hai.

Underwater Post Office

Underwater Post Office

It's one of the most unique attractions in Vanuatu and possibly in the world. Where else can you visit a post office underwater and even mail a postcard!? Located in the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, this is only one of many attractions you will find on this island, popular with divers and snorkellers.


Vanuatu Volcanoes

Being part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire", Vanuatu islands are home to several active volcanoes and a number of those that are no longer active. They make for unique and interesting sightseeing sites. If you enjoy hiking on these volcanoes, you will no doubt hear some fascinating stories about their eruptions.

Nguna Beach Resort

Nguna Island

This small island is located in Undine Bay, between other well known small islands, Pele and Moso. There are only some small villages on the island, but it provides a few very interesting natural attractions, such as coral gardens and Mt. Marow volcano.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club

Port Vila Golf & Country Club

There are only two major proper golf courses in Vanuatu. Port Vila Golf and Country Club is located in Mele village, next to Worawia resort. It's sandwiched between the main road and the beach. This is where the annual Vanuatu Golf Open is held.

Eton Beach

Eton Beach

Located on the eastern coast of Efate island, Eton beach is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in Vanuatu. It's half an hour drive from Port Vila, along the island's ring road. The 500 vatu entrance fee is used to support the local community.

Ekasup Village

Ekasup Village

Apart from holiday escape, many visitors come to Vanuatu to experience the local culture and customs. Melanesian culture is over 5000 years old and many villagers on the island still live of the land and as fishermen, as you can find in Ekasup Village.

Cascades Waterfall

Cascades Waterfall

Located just outside of Port Vila town, in Mele Village, Cascades Waterfall is a unique holiday attraction and tour destination. Ideal for family outings, whether you want to spend half a day or a whole day enjoying the greenery and splashing in waterfall pools.

Diving Excursions

Diving Excursions

With its superb natural beauty, fishing opportunities, duty-free shops, rich culture and customs, you will find plenty of reasons to holiday in Vanuatu. But one of the main reasons for people to travel to Vanuatu are its great diving sites.

Aneityum Island

Aneityum Island

A number of Vanuatu islands are known by their volcanoes, some of which are sleeping, while the others are still active. Aneityum island has been formed on two adjoining, now sleeping volcanoes. This made the island rich with volcanic soil, making it ideal for growing sandalwood.

Casinos in Vanuatu

Casinos in Vanuatu

There are only three casinos in Vanuatu, although a number of online casinos have made Vanuatu their base. Being a low-tax jurisdiction, with no income or personal tax, this location is popular with casino entertainment companies. Get more details about the offline casinos located in Port Vila.

Bluewater Island Aquarium

Bluewater Island Aquarium

When we think of "aquarium", we think of an enclosure where marine animals are held. However, this is not the case with the Bluewater Island Aquarium. This nature's own "aquarium", where sea animals can be seen and cared for. Sea turtles are in particular popular with visitors, who can feed them.

Fishing Charters

Fishing Tours and Charters

The sea plays an enormous role in daily life on Vanuatu islands. So it's no surprise that water activities prominently feature on holidays in Vanuatu, such as diving, snorkeling and cruising. But the other popular activities for visitors involve various sea fishing charter options and fishing tours.

Vanuatu Banking

Vanuatu Banking

When you go on a holiday or business trip, apart from booking your flights and accommodation, your primary concern is that of having enough spending or emergency money at hand. One can only bring so much cash or rely on credit cards. The main thing is to know where are the nearest ATMs or cash machines.

Vanuatu Tours

Vanuatu Tours

Best ways to explore Port Vila, Efate and other Vanuatu islands is via many tours. Some of these can be booked online, others at hotel or resort where you're staying, and most of them in town at one of many tour shops in Port Vila. More tour information will be added over the coming weeks.

Melanesian Feast

Melanesian Feast Nights

In Port Vila and some Vanuatu islands, one of the most popular authentic nighttime events are Melanesian Feast Nights. These are held at a number of hotels and resorts, featuring buffet-style feasts, kava drinking, string music and local dancers. If you are curious, this is a good way to learn about local customs.

Kava Tasting

Kava Tasting in Vanuatu

Traditionally served in a shell, 'kava kava' drink is made from the root of a specific type of plant that is part of the pepper tree family. Melanesian people have for centuries used this drink as a relaxant, primarily used in ceremonies as a drink for tribal chief. Kava is not produced from alcohol, but it is intoxicating.

Vanuatu Weddings

Weddings in Vanuatu

As a popular holiday destination, Vanuatu offers a diverse choice of holiday options and activities. This includes having a wedding in Vanuatu, as many couples choose to do every year, mostly from Australia and New Zealand. Combine your wedding with a honeymoon, or even renew your vows.

Reasons to Visit Vanuatu in 2015

Five Reasons to Visit Vanuatu in 2015

As a great South Pacific holiday destination, Vanuatu has many attractions and places of interest. These tropical islands hide secluded swimming spots, pristine white sand beaches, natural landscapes, birdwatching places, active volcanoes, and more. There are also attractions such as music festivals and land diving.

Things to do in Vanuatu

Top Things To Do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu islands enjoy a slow pace of life, with an abundance of natural wonders, sites and places to see and tour. Efate, Santo and Tanna islands are the most popular, but you will find many others on this 83-island archipelago that offer something unique to see and enjoy, including birdwatching and dolphins spotting.

Places to visit in Vanuatu

Seven Top Attractions in Vanuatu

Brimming with island life, sightseeing places and numerous tourist attractions, Vanuatu provides you with a rich variety of reasons to spend your holiday here. There are popular events and festivals that will have you come back for more, as well as fantastic places to leave you with a wonderful holiday memories.

Vanuatu Wellness Centres

Popular Vanuatu Wellness Centres

As a great tropical holiday destination, Vanuatu offers numerous hotels, resorts and villas. All of them provide a range of holiday activities. But some of the best known and most popular hotels and resorts in Vanuatu provide wellness centres that will add that extra value to your holiday rest and relaxation.

Best Diving Spots

Best Diving Spots in Vanuatu

Vanuatu islands are popular with divers from Australia, New Zealand and other countries who enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling locations found in Vanuatu. Best diving spots can be found at Santo Island, one of the favourites among divers.

Vanuatu All-Inclusive Holiday Packages - When you're planning your holiday in Vanuatu, one of the best options is to choose an all-inclusive holiday package. Such packages usually include meals and possibly some tour or other activity options. There are also Vanuatu holiday packages that include return flights, which seem to be common in Australia and New Zealand.

Vanuatu Family Accommodation - Vanuatu is a great place for family holidays. It's no surprise then that many resorts in Vanuatu offer a variety of resort facilities for families with children, combined with a great family holiday accommodation. 

Photo Gallery updated - Experience Port Vila and Vanuatu through pictures, now updated and easier to browse through. The photos come with full descriptions, giving you a visual tour of Port Vila, Vanuatu, Worawia and other holiday attractions.

Backpacking in Vanuatu - The beautiful Vanuatu islands beg to be explored more closely. What a better way to do that than having a backpacking Vanuatu holiday. Before you do that though, get some basic tips and tricks for backpackers in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Annual Swims - They used to be local events, barely attracting two dozen swimmers. These days, over 200 local and international swimmers compete in the Port Vila and Santo Aore annual swims. 
Banking in Vanuatu - Our guide to banking and currency in Vanuatu will help you know what to expect in Vanuatu when it comes to tipping, what currencies are accepted, and how to access your money while holidaying in Vanuatu. 
Vanuatu Picture Galleries - Our photo galleries have been updated and now can be viewed much easier. Full descriptions have been added to each of the images, which will provide you with much more info about Port Vila, Vanuatu, Worawia, etc. 
Vanuatu Festivals - An important part of your holiday in Vanuatu would be to see and learn more about Vanuatu culture. One of the best ways to do that is to attend some of Vanuatu's festivals, which are held annually. 
Vanuatu Sailing - There's no better way to experience your sailing adventure than to start your sailing in Port Vila and continue around other Vanuatu islands for a memorable sailing experience. 
Newsletter Archive - The Travel Bug newsletter has been published since 2005. We have now created annual indexes for each year's news items, listed month by month. This will help you quickly find news items of particular interest to you, then click through to read. 
Christmas Greetings - If you never spent a Christmas or New Year holidays in tropics, perhaps Vanuatu might be the place to start. Check Christmas 2011 tourism industry greetings and festive season specials. 
Newsletters Map - With nearly 7 years of monthly Travel Bug newsletters archived and other travel newsletter related pages, you will find our Newsletters Map handy to quickly find for what you're looking. 
Port Vila Markets - Running along the city's main street, Port Vila market a great assortment of locally made arts and crafts, locally produced fresh produce, flowers and foods, as well as other types of local merchandise and Vanuatu souvenirs. 
Espiritu Santo Island - Best known as Santo island or just Santo, this largest of Vanuatu islands is particularly known for its scuba diving sites, including WWII shipwreck of SS President Coolidge. 

Vanuatu Restaurants - When it comes to dining choices, you will find an array of those in downtown Port Vila. We list some of the bars, clubs and restaurants in Port Vila.

Erromango Island - Previously the home to large sandalwood forests, this island is now a great destination for adventure seekers, including caves and hiking trails. 
Pentecost Island - First sighted in 1744 by Captain Cook on the Day of Pentecost, this island is best known for naghol - the annual land dive ceremony. 
Vanuatu Vacation - Whether you enjoy relaxed holiday or an adventure vacation, Port Vila and its surrouding areas are sure to offer your multiple accommodation and entertainment choices. 

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