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The Travel Bug 4

Issue 4 - September 2005

The Internet: Consumers’ Favourite Travel Planning Destination

Overwhelmingly, consumers are turning to the Internet for their summer travel planning and purchasing needs, according to independent research conducted by Feedback Research, a division of the Claria Corporation a leader in online behavioral marketing. By analyzing the actual online traffic and conducting a survey among a sample of Claria's tens of millions of software users, Feedback Research was able to gain insight into online travel research and purchasing habits. Data was analyzed from April 1 through July 1, 2005, in the months leading up to summer vacation travel.

A survey was also conducted among users who viewed travel category sites in the prior 30 days and also had purchased travel in the prior 12 months. Results indicated that consumers are still taking a trip to the Internet for their travel planning and purchasing needs, with 88% of survey respondents who went or are planning to go on summer vacation using or planning to use the Internet to research and/or purchase their summer vacation arrangements this year. 61% of respondents who went or were planning to go on summer vacation this year purchased or planned to purchase airline tickets online, +11 pts vs. those who went on a summer vacation last year. 52% purchased or planned to purchase hotel accommodations online, a +12 pt increase from last year. Visit the following link to read more on this article:  (Source: Travel Wire News 11/08/2005)

Growth of culinary tourism
More tourists and international travellers are seeking to experience other cultures through food and beverages on their holiday trips.

Appetites Growing for Tourists Seeking Food and Drink

"Culinary Tourism" is a new travel trend attracting people who want to explore food and drink as well as destination options. "Culinary tourism is an emerging concept and builds on the idea that visitors can experience other cultures through food and beverage," said the National Restaurant Association. Culinary tourists often seek out local and regional specialties during their travels and even choose their destinations because of well-known restaurants. The US’s 900,000 restaurants are starting to build on the trend by promoting concepts and menus specifically for travelers and tourists. The restaurant association says dining out is one of the most popular tourist activities when first reaching a destination. Travelers and visitors account for about one third of sales at fine dining restaurants and 20% at family and casual restaurants, according to the association. Even fast food has a presence in the market, with 15% of sales to tourists. Restaurants traditionally are at their busiest this month. (Source: TravelMole News 09/08/2005)

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With current spread of the pandemic, much of the travel plans have been cancelled. Our thoughts go to all those who have been affected by the virus.
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