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The Travel Bug 12

Issue 12 - February 2006

South Pacific Village at PATA Travel Mart 2006

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is in the process of planning and coordinating another South Pacific Village presence at the PATA Travel Mart 2006, which is scheduled for Hong Kong between 12th and 15th September 2006. Based on a understanding between PATA and SPTO, as total space of 54 square meters have been pre-allocated for the South Pacific Village and this is based on the region’s participation at the PTM 2005 in Kuala Lumpur.

Under SPTO, the cost of the space allocated for the Pacific Village is offered at PATA member’s rate and in addition, there is a 5% loyalty discount currently offered, which is valid only until end of March. Therefore, SPTO would like to request member countries for their interests and confirmation to participate at PTM 2006 before Friday 24th February 2006. This deadline of 24th February will also enable SPTO to negotiate a larger space should there be more interests from members to participate at this year’s PTM 2005. As clearly stated by PATA, the current allocated space of 54 square meters only caters for 7 sellers (6 companies/NTOs and SPTO). There will be six sets of appointments with buyers. Therefore, SPTO would appreciate early confirmation of interests so that all the necessary arrangements and negotiations can be done on time to capitalize of the special rates and discounts.

Space Still Available at Swedish Travel Show in March

The South Pacific specialist Tour Pacific organizes a South Pacific stand every year at TUR in Gothenburg, Sweden. The show takes place 23-26 March (a week and a half after the ITB in Berlin). The South Pacific stand was a big success in 2005 and resulted in several articles in magazines, television programs besides a lot of bookings. Don’t miss this opportunity to get exposure in Sweden! For more information, please contact Tour Pacific at (Source: Tour Pacific 07/02/2006)

South Pacific’s Biggest Resort Pool Complex - Iririki, Vanuatu

Engineers today (Monday February 13) began one of the biggest concrete pours ever in the South Pacific to create a pool and spa complex on Vanuatu’s Iririki Island Resort that when completed will cover 1390 square metres, and contain nearly 1,835,000 litres of salt chlorinated fresh water. The pool complex is part of Vanuatu’s first true 5-star resort, the new Snorkeler’s Cove Iririki Island, being built on Port Vila’s Iririki Island and scheduled for opening around the middle of this year. In all there will be a toddler’s pool, three inter-linked swimming pools incorporating a sand ‘beach’ and swim-up bar, and spas on the private balconies of all 61 luxury suites. It is expected that the concrete pour will take around two weeks, with the largest of the three swimming pools taking 22-hours continuous concrete pouring, spraying and hand-finishing. The new Snorkeler’s Cove at Iririki Island will have a mix of studio rooms and suites for couples or family use; there will also be a café/bar, gym, tennis courts, children’s games room, medical centre and direct access to spectacular coral gardens for snorkelling. Unlike the existing child-free Iririki Island Resort, the new Snorkeler’s Cove precinct will welcome families, and its facilities will be available to guests from other resorts wanting to experience Vanuatu’s first true 5-star resort complex. Iririki Island is just 3-minutes by private ferry from Port Vila town centre, shops, restaurants and major tour operators. (Source: David Ellis Associates 13/02/2006)

India, the Next Asian Tiger

For the second year running, and in response to widespread demand, India will once again be the subject of an Experts' Forum during the ITB Convention. But why India? “In the last few years the country has firmly established itself on the world tourism map as a key destination for business and leisure travellers,” says Professor Dr Roland Conrady, Academic Director of the ITB Convention. “And prospects for growth are enormous thanks to the country's stable political environment, its strong economy and continuously improving operating and investment climate.” To quote statistics from India 's Ministry of Tourism, published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), India recorded a 13% increase in international tourist arrivals in 2005 and preliminary estimates suggest that receipts rose even faster, at 20%. But India is also a fast growing source market for travel and tourism. With a population of over one billion and GDP growth of 7-8% per annum, the country offers enormous potential for growth in outbound travel. As participants to the ITB India Forum in 2005 learned from Bernhard Steinrücke, Director General of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, who led last year's panel discussions, its increasingly affluent middle class already numbers 300 million. Per capita income is increasing by 4-5% a year, said Mr Steinrücke, and per capita expenditure is rising by more than double that percentage – at between 10-12%. It is little wonder that spending by Indians on outbound travel increased by over 50% in the first three quarters of 2005, according to UNWTO. (Source: UNWTO News Releases 02/02/2006)

South Korea Now a Tourism 'Superpower'

The number of Koreans travelling abroad passed the 10 million mark for the first time in 2005, growing at a rate of 14.2% for the year. The upturn helped drive arrivals figures to new heights in popular Korean destinations such as China (PRC), Japan and the USA. Korea's inbound tourism sector is also booming, with 6.02 million arrivals in 2005, up 3.5% on 2004 and passing the six million mark for the first time. PATA Director-Strategic Intelligence Centre Mr John Koldowski cited Korea (ROK) as a strong example of a country that operates by the principle of 'total tourism' -- a belief that inbound, outbound and domestic tourism delivers a range of socio-cultural benefits, as well as an economic multiplier effect across many sectors of society. "For many years Korea had a reputation for isolation -- the 'hermit' kingdom, as it was known. Now Korea's culture, consumption patterns and investments are an integral part of the Asia Pacific success story," he said. (Source: News@PATA 08/02/2006)

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