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Top Vanuatu Outdoor Activities for Families

Plenty of things to do and see in this family-oriented tropical destination

An aerial view of a part of Vanuatu islands

As a family and honeymooners destination, Vanuatu offers a variety of outdoor
activities that cater for happy family outtings and places of interest.

The island nation of Vanuatu is one of the happiest places on the planet. Vanuatu is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean, between Fiji and the Solomon Islands. A great source of happiness for the islanders is the strong connection to tradition and diversity of landscapes, with a wide range of natural attractions stretching from accessible by foot volcanicmountains to coral reefs. With its beautiful nature, delicious food, and welcoming people, this archipelago is a true heaven on Earth. We have prepared a list of top Vanuatu outdoor activities for families to make your stay on these charming islands unforgettable.

Family outdoor activities in Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers many fun activities suitable for people of all ages. Exploring the islands, swimming and snorkeling, shopping at the markets, etc., is just the tip of the iceberg. We have compiled a list of the most popular family activities to inspire you for your trip. Alongside these attractions, Vanuatu's variety of superb family-suited accommodation will make your vacation with the little ones memorable.

However, beware - falling in love with the islands will surely make you want to move here. If this is something you do not want to fight, moving professionals such as those at can help you relocate safely and efficiently.

Mele Cascades

Mele Cascades is the best-known waterfall on the island and a tourist favorite. It is easily accessible from Port Villa - only a 10-15 min ride from the busiest town on the main island Efate. This level of accessibility makes it an excellent outdoor attraction for families with children that do not want to travel long.

A river in Vanuatu

Part of Vanuatu's appeal is amazing flora and fauna, giving your family many
opportunities to explore and discover all this country offers.

Apart from being so approachable, these waterfalls are known for their dreamy blue waters and breathtaking views. Whether you take the tour or not, you will be greeted by villagers in an authentic way. Once there, most people decide to trek to the case of the waterfalls, which approximately takes 15-20 minutes. The pools there are a perfect ending to the beautiful trail, a place for the whole family to relax and enjoy the scenery. To avoid big crowds, we advise you to get an early start.

Hideaway Island

Hideaway Island, off Mele village, is located only a 10-minute ferry ride away from the airport. The island offers some of the best Vanuatu outdoor activities for families. It is a central spot for all water-related activities. If your family loves snorkeling or diving, visiting this island is a must. It is also great for paddleboarding, kayaking, and they even have an underwater post office! This island is a marine sanctuary - the kids can experience feeding the fish straight from their hands, which will surely be the topic of your conversations for many months after the trip.

Iarofa Cultural Village

Visiting this cultural village will be the most enriching experience for you and your family. The village shows traditional life on the island of Efate and the life of ni-Vanuatu people as it was before modern times. Both the parents and children will adore the show - a dance performance and a fire walking demonstration. You can also learn firsthand about the way life was - how they hunted, caught fish, built homes, preserved food; all about the family structures and different customs. Visiting Iarofa is truly an educational and exceptional experience.

Wooden Totems from the islands of Vanuatu

As an island nation in the South Pacific, Vanuatu has a rich culture reflected in its
carvings, murals and local customs, which form an important part of its identity.

Tanna Island

Although a bit remote, Tanna Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands of Vanuatu. It is about an hour away from Vila by plane, with an additional 1.5h drive to the volcano. Young kids might not appreciate the long drive. Most people take a day trip, but the view at night is impressive, so an overnight stay could also be a great idea. Except for the volcano, this island has amazing hot springs, mountain scenery, waterfalls, etc. A pure gem!

Mt. Yasur Volcano

This active volcano is a true wonder of nature. It is recognized as one of the more accessible volcanos, and it even attracted Captain James Cook to visit the Tanna Island in 1774. We recommend getting a guided tour, so you and your family stay safe and sound.

Espiritu Santo Island

This island is also about an hour away from Efate by plane. It is the largest island in Vanuatu and one of the most known spots for visitors. Espiritu Santo is filled with exciting outdoor activities for the whole family. You can relax on the extraordinary white beaches or seek excitement by scuba diving, kayaking, or trekking. Families with older kids looking for a challenge shouldn't miss visiting the Millenium Cave - a full-day adventure to the jungle. For a different vibe, the fishing village of Port Orly offers a beautiful beach with many leisure activities. But that's not all:

Blue Holes

These swimming holes are one of the reasons people decide to visit Vanuatu in the first place. The crystal-clear waters with huge rope swings are truly one of a kind and counted as one of the best diving spots in the world. You can swim here and take in the surroundings. Your children will feel like they stepped into the Legend of Tarzan as they swing on the ropes.

SS President Coolidge Wreck

This wreck of a luxury steamship represents the largest accessible wreck for diving - it's 200 meters long and 25 meters wide. People from all over the world with a passion for exploring the underwaters come here to visit this unique sight. Even though it might be quite an endeavor for younger children, if your family has a passion for diving, you mustn't miss this opportunity.

A boy diving in Vanuatu

Your holiday in Vanuatu can be fun for the whole family, especially if your like
water-based activities available in any of Vanuatu's island destinations.

A round-island tour

For families that prefer local history, cuisine, and beautiful sights all wrapped in a day of fun activities, we recommend checking out the full-day tours around the Efate island. This way, you will see many of Vanuatu's highlights in a limited amount of time, with the advantage of organized transportation and guides.

The tour will make you fall in love with the island so much that you might decide to move here. In that case, you will need to arrange an international transfer of all your possessions. Even though most people think moving to an island has to be expensive, that is not always the case. Many moving companies offer free estimates, so you can understand what you're getting yourself into from the start.

Hopefully, this list of top Vanuatu outdoor activities for families has inspired you to start planning your trip. Whatever you decide on doing, you can rest assured knowing you won't make a mistake!

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