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Things to Leave Behind When Moving Abroad

How to make your moving abroad easier and less cumbersome

Moving abroad is a very frightening yet extremely exciting occasion. You are changing much more than just your surroundings - you are also embracing a completely new culture and a way of life. Just ask the people who are living as expats in Vanuatu and they will confirm just how many obstacles they had to surpass in order to get adjusted.

Woman wondering what things to leave behind when moving abroad

Moving abroad is a big change and you might be stumped about
what things to take with you
and what things to leave behind.
Read further to help you move on.

However, there seems to be one thing that's holding people back from making this giant leap - the cost. Everyone knows that international relocation usually costs an arm and a leg. If you are desperately looking for ways to cut the cost of your move, may we suggest an extreme de-cluttering spree? All you have to do is figure out which things to leave behind when moving abroad and you will significantly decrease your moving cost.

Spoiler alert: you might have trouble saying goodbye to so many of your precious belongings. But there is no place for emotions when moving is concerned, as that will just distract you from what has to be done. Gear up with only the bare necessities and you will have a much easier and cost-effective relocation.

How to decide which things to leave behind when moving abroad?

It might seem like a very difficult decision, but it really isn't one. Have you not used the item in question in over a year? That's a secure sign you need to leave it behind! Does your item look like it has seen better days? Once again, you could probably benefit from leaving it home. And, obviously, if an item is rugged, thorn or too small/big for your needs, don't even waste a second on thinking whether to take it with you.

An old chair is one of the things to leave behind when moving abroad.

Taking old furniture with you is definitely out, when you can get new one
in your new country,
possibly costing you less than transporting the old one.

Besides, if you have huge trouble throwing away items you are emotionally attached to, you don't have to. There's always the option of keeping your valuable belongings in a safe storage unit somewhere in your hometown. Of course, such a solution does come with certain costs (your monthly lease), so you'll really have to weigh in all of your options.

No matter whether you decide to store your belongings, donate them or throw them away for good, there are a few groups of items that will be a good place for you to start your de-cluttering spree. After all, we are all guilty of overstuffing our closets - to name just one of the things that are in dire need of a good purge.

A list of the things to leave behind when moving abroad

One of the first things we advise you to leave for good is your worries! Usually, everything always turns out great. Secondly, leave your closed-mindedness behind! Be open to trying out new things and experimenting a bit. That's the best way to rid your household of all the worries that come with international relocation. Well, one of the best, as there's also learning all the facts about the country you are moving to and being ready for what's to come. But when it comes to leaving physical things behind, here's what to pay attention to.


As previously mentioned, we are all guilty of buying and owning too many clothing items. You have to ask yourself whether you really need your old cheerleading uniform or your high-school football jersey. And we all know what the right answer to that question is. So, be realistic! Pack only those items you really wear regularly and that, most importantly, still fit you like a glove! After all, if you are moving to Vanuatu, where climate is tropical, how many clothes do you really need!?

a pile of clothes and a phone on it

When it comes to clothes, pack lightly, even when you are moving abroad.
You'll always find something much more appropriate at your new destination.


Even if you want to bring all of your toiletries with you, you probably won't be able to. You have to cross the ocean in a plane and there are very strict regulations about transporting fluids. Leave everything but the real essentials behind. You only need a toothpaste, soap, and shampoo to get you through those first two to three days until you unpack and locate the nearest store. There are many stores and a few supermarkets in Port Vila, where you can easily get toiletries you need.

Supermarche Centrepoint in Port Vila

If you are moving to Vanuatu, you will find stores and supermarkets in Port Vila, with
food and other supplies coming from Australia, Asia and Europe, as well as local.


It goes without saying that whether you are relocating to the South Pacific Region or Japan, you will need to transport your furniture. Buying brand new sofas, chairs, end tables, and everything in between is very expensive and it's something people do gradually. However, you have to be reasonable. Do you really need to relocate your chair with a broken leg? Its expiration date has come and gone, and now replacing it is a much more reasonable option than relocating it.


We understand that you might have some of your favorite foods just sitting in your cupboard at the moment. So not getting to consume them will probably be unbearable for you. But you have to trust us on this one - food is definitely one of the things to leave behind when moving abroad. Any spillage will lead to total disaster, not to mention that all the food you decide to transport will add to the overall weight of the cargo, resulting in a steeper price. Probably much steeper than the cost of buying new food at your chosen destination abroad. Wouldn't it be much better to say your goodbyes and donate your food? We believe you will make the right decision.

jars of jam on a shelf

Perishables such as food are always risky and expensive to transport, not to mention
trying to import into another country, subject to quarantine and even stiff fines.


Take a look around your kitchen. How many small appliances do you see? Now, how many of them have you used in the last six months? Packing for your international relocation is all about downsizing and being practical. And do you think that packing the zucchini spiralizer that you use once a year is an embodiment of practical? Just think about all the new foods and traditions you are about to experience in the new culture and you won't have a problem leaving your kitchen appliances behind.

You will be glad you downsized once everything is done

The moment you see how much cheaper your international relocation was and how much easier it is to unpack, you will be grateful you took the time to figure out which things to leave behind when moving abroad. Now you can work on replacing them one by one or you can develop some new habits. The sky is the limit for you right now!

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