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The Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist

What to do to have a safe and enjoyable travel adventure

A suitcase with labels from various trips

Before you endeavour on your next trip, be it Vanuatu or other, make sure you have
thoroughly prepared yourself for the travel, as part of your travel planning.

Discovering new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things - those are just some of the reasons why we like to travel. For these things to remain our priority, we need to make sure that we are safe at all times. The same goes for our possessions. A single incident on your trip or back at home, while you are on your holiday, can cause some serious problems. That's why we have compiled the ultimate travel safety checklist for you to always have at hand when planning a trip.

Now, let's dive in!

Research before you go on a trip

Whenever you are planning a trip, you should learn more about the location you are about to visit. For Vanuatu, check our Vanuatu Guide for some quick information and references.

Two hands with the world map painted on them

One of the first things you need to do, after deciding on your destination,
is to research it well. For your Vanuatu trip, use this site to get more info.

These would be some of the details you should pay attention to:

The language

If the locals do not speak your language, you should try and learn at least some essential phrases in their language so that you can communicate about some basic stuff. In Vanuatu you will do fine with English and French.

The climate

Research the climate of the area you are traveling to. Having all the wrong clothes with you can really spoil the vacation, or make it much more expensive - not good if you are planning a budget trip. Vanuatu is a tropical destination, so you won't have to worry much about bringing extra clothes.

A small resort pool and pool bar in Vanuatu

When you travel to a different country, such as Vanuatu, you will experience a
different culture, as well as very indulging tropical climate, ideal for summer holiday.

Basic cultural differences

Understand some basic cultural differences. Not knowing what to expect in that respect can sometimes get you in trouble, especially if you are traveling to a country that has an entirely different culture and religion from the one you are coming from. Here are some things to know about Vanuatu.

Transport system

Learn about the way you can travel from one destination to another. For example, you should always have a plan for how to get from the airport to your hotel. If you leave that to chance, you might become a victim of a scam. Remember - travel safety should be your first priority. Many resorts in Vanuatu will provide free airport transfers, as part of your holiday package with them. But it pays to always ask and confirm beforehand.

Have your documents with you at all times

Before embarking on a trip, naturally, you should check and update your passport and other necessary documents. While on the trip, keep them with you because you never know when you might need them. This is one of the most obvious, yet often disregarded user-friendly travel tips. Having your passport stolen or lost will certainly make your vacation a memorable one, but not in a way you would want it to be.

A passport and a suitcase

You might be amazed how many people don't get their passport in order
before traveling - make sure you're not one of them.

The same goes for other documents, airplane tickets, money, and valuables. If the country you are traveling to is infamous for its crime rate, you should know better than to walk around with your money and passport in your backpack on your back, or in your purse with a floss-thin strap carelessly hanging from your shoulder. Fortunately, Vanuatu is a laidback paradise with hardly any of these problems. But be alert nonetheless.

Also, if you do not have a safe box in your hotel, research what options you have for storing your documents safely while you are at a beach. By the way, be extra cautious if you are staying in a cheap hotel or a hostel. Safety is probably not their stronger side.

Do your best to stay healthy

If your immune system tends to react to a change of environment, or you have a weak stomach, you should think about taking some dietary supplements before and while on your trip. Getting some probiotics is always a good idea since many of us react to a change in food and water. Remember this one if you are traveling with kids since they are more sensitive than us. You wouldn't want the stomach flu or diarrhea to ruin your perfect getaway with your family, would you?

Don't forget about your travel insurance! Not having a policy when you are on a trip can be rather dangerous. You should also have some painkillers with you, just in case.

A world map made of pills to illustrate that one of the items on your travel safety checklist is to remember to take your medicine.

Another important thing to remember when traveling is to take your medications
with you, as well as additional ones, such as probiotics, to stay healthy.

Make sure that your possessions are safe

This piece of advice is important for the possessions you are taking with you and those you leave behind alike. It goes without saying that you should never leave your luggage unattended and try not to flash your wealth.

One of the biggest concerns, when you leave your home, is whether it is safe. In some cases, you can ask your neighbor, friend or relative to check in on your place while you are away. But, that is not always an option. Especially not when you are taking a long trip or traveling around the world. But, don't worry, we have a suggestion for you. Have you thought about putting your valuable items in rented storage? For instance, why would you worry about your art collection while you are on your deserved holiday when you can have professionals take care of it? Storage is an excellent solution especially if you live in a big city like New York, for example, and you don't want your valuables to be a burden to a friend or a relative.

Be mindful of scams

Tourists often fall victim to scams of various kinds. To be honest, it is easy to trick someone who doesn't speak your language.

There are several ways to avoid scams:

Blend with locals

Try to blend with the locals. When you stick out of the crowd with your backpack and a fancy camera hanging from your neck, you are an easy target. Vanuatu's Melanesian people are friendly and easy to talk to. Plus you are likely to encounter some expats in Vanuatu, too.

Dress casually

Dress casually and don't show off your wealth. Pickpockets never sleep. A good idea is to have a spare wallet with little cash inside so that you can give that one to muggers if you happen to be their victim and keep your regular wallet with you. With a warm, tropical climate dressing casually is almost a norm in Vanuatu, especially with Aussie and Kiwi tourists who like the casual style.

Be careful in public transport

Be extra careful when using transport. Choose trusted bus service companies (there is only one in Vanuatu) and try booking your tickets in advance. Also, you should avoid taxi vehicles that do not have meters or at least agree upon the fare with the driver before you start the ride. This is especially important in Vanuatu. You should always have a map with you just in case.

Have emergency info written down

You might not have enough time to search for local emergency numbers if something bad happens. That is why you should always have them written down on a piece of paper you will carry in your wallet or purse. Don't forget to check out our ultimate travel safety checklist once again before you start preparing for your next travel. Have a nice trip!

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