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Tanna Island Bungalows

Hotels and Resort bungalows on Tanna Island in Vanuatu

Many people going on holiday to Vanuatu seem to choose Tanna island as one of their favourite destinations. It's no surprise because a significant portion of Vanuatu's Melanesian populace in Port Vila comes from Tanna.

The island also offers a variety of holiday attractions and activities, such as for example Mt. Yasur volcano, as one of the most accessible volcanos. There are also good holiday accommodation options available on the island.

The following are some of the most popular resorts and hotels the island has to offer. Some are located in the small town of Lenakel, while others are scattered around the island.

Sunset Guest House

One of the newest additions to the island is the Sunset Guest House, built in 2006. It is located at the north end of Lenakel and has a number of colorful bungalows that face the sea and feature impressive views of the sunset. There is a restaurant that has a set menu, and there is also a small bar.

Waterfront Sunset Bungalows on Tanna Island

As one of Tanna island accommodation options,
Sunset Guest House features colourful bungalows facing the sea.

Talapua Guest House

The Talapua Guest House, located in Lenakel on the main street – Wharf Road – and contains 6 bedrooms, two showers, one kitchen, and two toilets. They have an a la carte menu as well as a small bar.

Honven Seagull Ocean Resort

This resort is located at Imlao Point and is several miles from Lenakel. There are seven large bungalows, as well as a restaurant. The restaurant has a generator, but the bungalows are lit with kerosene lamps. This makes a great romantic getaway for a couple looking to get away from their busy schedules. The Honven Seagull Ocean Resort is a great base from which you can explore the surrounding black sand beaches, caves, forests, and waterfalls.

Sunrise Bungalows in the woods

Located in Turtle Bay and close to Mt Yasur volcano, Sunrise Bungalows a great accommodation option for those wanting to explore Mt Yasur.

Sunrise Bungalows

The Sunrise Bungalows are Located at Turtle Bay. They are very close to the most popular attraction in Tanna, the still active volcano Mount Yasur. It is located on top of a cliff that overlooks the South Pacific. Several bungalows are available, and there are even spaces allotted for camping! Breakfast is complimentary, and the restaurant provides a variety of foods, from local dishes to Western favorites. However, there is no bar. You are allowed to bring your own alcohol though.

The above four resorts and guesthouses are just a few of the many places to stay while on Tanna. You can find others of varying quality. When searching for a place to stay in Tanna, be sure to go online and find the best deals for your vacation.

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