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Snorkeling in Vanuatu

How and Where to find Best Snorkeling in Vanuatu

There is no experience to compare with snorkeling a pristine coral reef. Vanuatu abounds with snorkeling and diving opportunities. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the islands and experience the best (and most popular) attraction in the area – the South Pacific, itself.

However, before you can enjoy your Vanuatu snorkeling adventure, you'll have to find a charter company. What sets a good company apart? What companies are available? Where can you snorkel? Here are a few of the hundreds of companies in the islands offering snorkeling tours (many also offer scuba diving).

Man snorkeling

There are a number of charter companies and tour operators offering snorkeling options

Snorkeling tours

If you're coming to Vanuatu, chances are you already have your accommodations booked. Check with your resort to see if they offer snorkeling. Many resorts in Vanuatu have snorkeling tours available right on property, while others have preferred partner companies with whom you can find discounted rates. Check the resort's website, or make a quick phone call; it can pay off big. A few of the resorts that offer snorkeling tours are: Mangoes, Hideaway Island, Le Lagon, Iririki Island Resort and White Grass Ocean Resort.

Snorkeling Companies and Operators

If your resort or hotel does not offer snorkeling, you can find a large number of tour companies and private operators in the islands. By far, the heaviest concentration is on Efate, centered around Port Vila, though you can find companies on some of the other islands, as well. Here are a few tour companies located throughout the area.

Rascals in Paradise

As one of big tour operators, this company offers a variety of tours around the world and in Vanuatu. In addition, they specialize in tours for families with children of all ages. If you have little ones, Rascals in Paradise may be the best choice for your snorkeling tours.

Snorkeling is a popular holiday activity in Vanuatu, with many tour operators offering it.

Pacific Sun

This local tour company offers tours, snorkeling and cruise packages around Efate and several other islands. Pacific Sun tours are excellent for all ages and can help you enjoy the area to the utmost.

Big Blue

Irrespective of your snorkeling experience, this tour company offers scuba and snorkeling trips from Port Vila and features extremely experienced captains and dive masters. Perfect for beginners or experienced divers, this company offers several different packages for your enjoyment.

Vaughani Shores Vanuatu

Featuring Eco diving and PADI certified instructors/dive masters, you can't go wrong with this company. You'll be able to choose from a variety of tour packages, as well as scuba and snorkeling options. You'll also find all-inclusive tour options available with Vaughani Shores that include meals and drinks.



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