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Port Vila Snorkeling

A Guide to Snorkeling in Port Vila and Vanuatu

While scuba may be one of the largest draws to visiting Vanuatu, snorkeling is not far behind. You'll find that you can enjoy some of the most pristine areas, the most amazing coral reefs and astounding sea life without ever donning a scuba tank. There are hundreds of options for snorkeling throughout the islands; you'll find numerous companies, private charters and even resorts offering you snorkeling enjoyment.

Where are the top snorkeling spots in the islands? What resorts offer snorkeling gear? Can you charter a snorkeling cruise through the islands? These and many other questions can be easily answered.

Snorkeling gear by the sea

Snorkeling gear rentals are available at many holiday resorts in Port Vila and Vanuatu.

Snorkeling Gear Rentals

Snorkeling is one of the most popular holiday activities in Port Vila and Vanuatu. There are many resorts who offer snorkeling tours or activities, with snorkeling gear included. Tour shops in Port Vila also offer snorkeling activities.

Most resorts in the islands offer snorkeling gear rentals. Some of the top holiday places that offer gear rentals include Hideaway Island Resort, well known for its diving and snorkeling.

Mangoes resort also offers snorkeling gear rentals, which usually include mask, snorkel and fin rentals.

You can go online to find the best rates on Vanuatu resorts. A visit to any beachside resort will yield you incredible snorkeling activities in the area.

Port Vila Harbour Snorkeling

The nation's capital offers some of the best snorkeling in the area; it's easily accessed, as well. Port Vila Harbor and Mele Bay are the prime snorkeling areas, though other areas around the island offer great enjoyment, as well. Many resorts are situated directly on the harbor and the bay, giving you immediate access to the water and fun.

Port Vila Harbour view

Port Vila harbour offers many prime snorkeling areas, such as the seen here
at Iririki Island Resort, on the island of the same name.

In addition, Port Vila boasts a number of dive operators that can take you out to some of the uninhabited islands and islets for secluded diving and snorkeling. You'll find live aboard cruises, day cruises and island-drop off cruises available. Island drop-off cruises are the best for those with an adventurous streak; you can explore uninhabited islands, dive the coral reefs and relax on deserted beaches. Live aboard cruises are also a great way to enjoy the water thoroughly. You'll find that you can combine beach visits, snorkeling and island tours with reef fishing, deep sea fishing and more.

Islands Snorkeling Tours

Many other islands in Vanuatu offer snorkeling tours. Epi, Pentecost, Santo, Ambrym and many others await your enjoyment. Many of these islands have primitive facilities and no townships; you'll need to pack your own snorkeling gear or charter an all-inclusive cruise to make the most of your time in the islands. Santo offers numerous enjoyments, as well as the city of Luganville; you'll find charters out of this island, as well. Enjoy your trip to the utmost and immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the South Pacific!

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