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Outer Islands

Explore Some of Outer Islands in Vanuatu

To get the real taste of Vanuatu as one of the last remaining paradises, you must visit some of the many outer islands offering a truly unique experience. Formerly known as New Hebrides, Vanuatu is a South Pacific island archipelago with 83 islands.

Espiritu Santo Island

Perhaps the best known is Espiritu Santo island, or just Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu archipelago. It’s particularly popular with divers who like to wreck-dive. One of the best known diving wrecks is the U.S. “President Coolidge” troopship from WWII, left by Americans after it became victim of one of their own mines.

Vanuatu Aore Island video - located off west coast of Santo island, facing Luganville, the capital of Santo. This video features highlights from Aore, including Santo to Aore annual swimming event, nearby Ratua, Melevatu, Bokissa, and Tutuba islands.

Tanna Island

Visit Tanna island to be awed by the majesty of the world’s most accessible active volcano, Mt Yasur. It’s only an hour flight from Port Vila and one of the most popular islands with visitors. Tanna is also known for diving wrecks, such as the Fijian sailing ship, laying down in 20 metres of water.

A small outer island, north of Efate island

This small island, located off the northern part of Efate Island, is one of the many
and large outer islands in Vanuatu archipelago.

Ambrym and Erromango Islands

Likewise, Ambrym island is the home to the twin volcanoes, Mt Benbow and Mt Marum, featuring lava landscapes and unique local customs. Only half an hour flight from Port Vila and you will reach Erromango island, known as “Martyr’s Isle”. This is where many a missionary met his doom and where sandalwood traders made their fortune, while blackbirders (slave traders) left their infamous mark in history.

Malekula Island

The second largest island is Malekula, where local traditions have been preserved more successfully than on any other Vanuatu island. You will witness their traditional and colourful custom dances, passed on and kept from their forefathers.

And of course one of the better known Vanuatu islands is Pentecost, where the ceremony of land diving is held annually in April and May.

There are of course many more Vanuatu outer islands to explore - these are just some of the better known ones.


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