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How to Keep Your Family Safe When Moving to Vanuatu During Covid-19 Pandemic

Execute your moving to Vanuatu safely and carefully during the pandemic

Unfortunately, the entire world is faced with a COVID-19 situation. This has put all those normal, basic everyday routines on hold. People have to practice social distancing, they must wear gloves and facemasks at all times when outside and do all sorts of things they were not used to before. Many of our plans have failed or have been postponed as well for the benefit of everybody's health.

Air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic

While air travel has been heavily restricted during the Covid-19 pandemic,
you can still make
your moving to Vanuatu safe and secure for your family,
without compromising your health.

Some of those plans are relocations. Thus, if you were planning to move to Vanuatu this year, you may want to reconsider first. Is your move, momentarily, really necessary? If it is not, postpone it! However, if it is and you do not have a choice in the matter, do not worry, there is a way for you to execute moving to Vanuatu during COVID-19 pandemic safely and carefully.

Find Your New Vanuatu Home Before Moving

Before you start packing your bags and calling your State to State Move moving professionals, make sure you have found your new Vanuatu home first. Why is this important? Well, because if you move without having a home waiting for you, you and your family will be forced to stay in hotels as well as keep all your belongings in private storage units. This will not only be time-, energy-, and money-consuming, but it might compromise your health.

Thus, do everything in your power to buy a property in Vanuatu, or rent it, before you relocate. The easiest and the quickest way is to hire a local real estate agent. He or she will help you find your new Vanuatu home that suits your needs and budget the most. What is more, since everything is digitalized today, you will be able to do everything online - talk with your agent, get a home tour and even sign all the necessary documents. This is one of the best ways to keep your family safe when moving to Vanuatu during the covid-19 pandemic.

A woman using her laptop.

Take advantage of modern technology and do as much of moving-related things
as you can
online, to make your moving to Vanuatu easier during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hire Movers and Make a Plan

Once you have found your new Vanuatu home, it is time to decide whether you will have a DIY kind of relocation, or hire movers to get the job done. Our recommendation is to find the middle ground. That is, do the majority of the work alone, and only let movers handle and relocate those heavy, bulky, and specialty items. So, give them a call and make arrangements!

Try to make a moving plan together. In normal circumstances, this would not be necessary. However, a global pandemic is far from a normal situation, so many things have to be readjusted. Thus, make a plan with your movers and decide on the safest and the best practices for the moving day and for keeping your family safe when moving to Vanuatu. You shouldn’t worry about safety issues - all movers are properly trained to execute a safe relocation!

Declutter Your Home

It is important to remember that relocation to other part of the world from the US is going to be expensive. But, there is a way to cut those expenses! Relocate fewer items!

Get the dimensions and the blueprints of your new home and see which items of your furniture you can actually fit in there. Then, go through all your household knick-knacks and see what is really important to you and your family members. Pack and bring only what you must. For the rest, consider donating, selling, or simply getting rid of it. Just remember - the fewer things you pack, the less expensive your move will be. Thus, do not hesitate to leave the material items behind. Everything is replaceable, so do not worry about anything but your and your family's health.

A woman cleaning

Do not forget to clean while decluttering and packing your current home!

Buy All the Packing Supplies in One Go

In the current state of events, we are all advised to practice social distancing and to live our homes only when absolutely necessary. So, yes, doing all of this while trying to keep your family safe while moving to Vanuatu seems like mission impossible. But do not worry, it will seem like that until you make a plan.

The best way to start is by gathering packing supplies. You can buy those in your local hardware store or stationery shop. Make a list of all the things you need to buy for your relocation, and buy everything in one go! Or, ask your movers to deliver packing supplies to your door – that too is possible. Whatever you decide, just remember that now is not the time for hand-me-downs. You must use clean and fresh packing supplies.

A box

Make sure you disinfect and sanitize each item before bringing it inside your home,
to minimize the potential risk from viruses.

Follow the 24 Hour Rule

If you followed the news, you have probably heard all those doctors and scientists talk about the '24 Hour Rule'. Namely, this virus we are all dealing with has a tendency to 'live' on different surfaces for approximately 24 hours. After that, it is supposed to be gone. So, if you want to be extra safe and secure when relocating to Vanuatu, we recommend following this rule.

What you can do is leave all the packing supplies you just bought outside for 24 hours before you decide to start packing. Then, make sure not to touch anything your movers have, again, for those 24 hours. And, most importantly, do not move into your new home, at least a couple of days after the previous owners have left. But, just to be on the safe side, even after waiting, do your best to sanitize everything with alcohol or some other disinfectant.

Photos by: Unsplash

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