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International Packing Hacks

No matter where in the world you travel
these packing hacks will help you make it easier

A man sitting at an airport, feet on suitcase, looking at a flying airplane.

Traveling abroad can be made much easier with these international packing hacks
to make your journey more relaxed and your trip much more fun.

Whether you are spending a weekend at your grandma’s or a month overseas, maybe even considering to live in Vanuatu, proper packing will make the whole experience better. How you should approach this part of travel preparations depends not only on the destination and the length of your stay but also on who you are traveling with. We would like to share some of our favorite hacks so you can be more relaxed the next time you travel abroad.

International packing hacks that save your energy, time and money...

You can easily apply some of these packing hacks for international travel whenever you are transporting your items from one place to another. So, don’t let the word ’’international’’ limit you. Packing is packing, whether you are traveling to the nearest town or another continent. Don’t even let the word ’’travel’’ limit you. Feel free to follow these tips when moving home, too. Again, the destination does not matter, be it Vanuatu or other, but you’ll find these tips particularly useful should you decide to move overseas, as you’ll probably need to pack more efficiently.

Prepare a packing list...

One of the most frustrating feelings a traveler can experience is realizing they have forgotten to pack something important. Therefore, the first thing to do is write everything down. It is never too early to start making the packing list. Keep in mind what you plan to do in Vanuatu, or where you're going. Have the list near you in the days preceding the trip so you can add a new item as soon as it comes to your mind. Cross things off, one by one, as you pack. This way, you won’t forget to pack anything!

A person familiar with international packing hacks writing a packing checklist in a notebook.

Vanuatu is a popular family destination, so get your packing checklist down for
each family member, to avoid confusion or shortages when you arrive.

Valuables belong to your carry-on luggage...

First of all, avoid bringing valuable items because, sometimes, luggage gets stolen or misplaced. But if you do bring them, valuables should always be with you. The same goes for important documents and money. Add toiletries (specialty products – avoid regular soap and shampoo, as most accommodations have them) and a change of clothes to your carry-on luggage as well.

Pick the right suitcase...

Once you have an approximate idea of what you are going to pack, pick the right container. Your suitcase(s) needs to be big enough to fit everything, sturdy enough so it does not break, and light enough so you can lift it (even if it has wheels). The less empty space you leave inside, the safer your fragile items will be, as they won’t be able to move. However, your clothes might wrinkle if there is too much stuff. Balance is key here. Another thing to bear in mind is that your bags may be heavier on your way back. No one can resist buying souvenirs on their summer vacation or honeymoon in Vanuatu, right?

Be different from the rest...

Another one of our international packing hacks regarding the choice of luggage is choosing the kind of luggage that is unique. As we’ve mentioned, luggage occasionally goes missing. This isn’t always something you can control, but at least you can choose a unique color or print. Alternatively, add a ribbon or a luggage tag to make it different from other people’s suitcases.

Wear the heaviest clothing as your travel outfit...

This piece of advice is particularly useful when traveling somewhere cold. Items like boots and jackets take up too much space in your luggage, plus, they can be quite heavy. Our advice is to wear and carry whatever you can. You can take it off during the flight. Alright, no one wants to be wearing warm boots if their plane lands in the middle of a hot summer day, but the less your luggage weighs, the better. This is a simple way to save money if you’re planning a budget trip.

Four suitcases, scarves and sunglasses.

It's good to make your luggage stand out from the rest, so you don't confuse it
with someone else's at arrival, making it easier choose the right one.

Plan your outfits in advance...

Instead of just packing everything you like, think about the weather and planned activities before carefully putting together your outfits. Being well-informed about the place you are visiting is one of the most useful travel tips we can give you. Ask the people who’ve already been there what the weather is truly like and how to dress appropriately for different activities.

Bring versatile clothing items...

The key to packing lightly is choosing pieces that can be worn in different ways without making you look like you never change clothes. Clothing items that combine well and go easily from day to night are the best choice for your travel luggage. We recommend neutral colors and classic shapes. If you are going to spend most of your time outdoor, such as hiking, bring appropriate clothing and footwear items.

Rolling, not folding...

Most people fold clothes and put them on top of each other when they pack for a trip. However, rolling your clothes is not only a space saver, but it also prevents wrinkles. This is particularly handy for a trip to Vanuatu, where you can mostly pack lightly for tropics, with a lot of T-shirts that roll up easy.

A pile of folded T-shirts.

When you travel abroad to a tropical destination, such as Vanuatu, then
your packing choice would be T-shirts and more T-shirts.

Use your socks...

Your socks can protect small, breakable items, as well as items that can explode, such as shampoo bottles and hairspray. You can stuff the socks inside the shoes for additional protection.

International packing hacks for liquids...

Using plastic protection is one of the most basic international hacks for packing liquids. Unscrew the lids first, put a small piece of plastic over it, and screw it back on. Easy-breezy! Also, anything that can leak should be placed inside a sealed plastic bag.

Heavy items should stay at the bottom...

Heavy items should be at the bottom of the suitcase, closer to the wheels. Once you turn your suitcase upright and it starts rolling, the heavy things might fall and crush the lighter ones unless you pack them properly. Besides, your suitcase will be more prone to falling over due to poor balance.

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