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Mother’s Day in Vanuatu -
how to plan it perfectly?

Celebrate Mother's Day in Vanuatu by visiting and enjoying
some of Vanuatu's most famous attractions

Happy Mother’s Day card, a cup of coffee and some macaroons.

If you are planning a nice surprise for any of special mothers in your life,
perhaps a great
trip to Vanuatu in early May could be one way to say big 'thank you'.

Mother's day is just around the corner. This year we'll be celebrating it on the 10th of May. Are you planning to get some special gifts for your mother and other special mothers around you this year? Is your wife a wonderful mom? Or, are you a mom celebrating this amazing holiday? Have you thought about a nice trip that can be a perfect present for any mom, or yourself for that matter? We are here to tell you how you can plan a perfect Mother's Day in Vanuatu.

Why choose Vanuatu for Mother's Day celebration?

Moms are usually the planners all year round; the least they deserve on their holiday is that somebody else organizes something for them. Every mom could use a break from her everyday chores, so a perfect getaway to a tropical paradise is a dream come true.

The South Pacific gem with crystal blue waters has everything a person needs to relax and unwind. Sandy beaches and lush vegetation are there to reconnect us with nature. But, that is not all! The locals are doing their best and they have gone so far providing various holiday and entertainment activities. So, Vanuatu has everything it takes for any type of holiday or weekend getaway.

You shouldn't take any chances when choosing a location for your holiday, be that only a weekend getaway or a trip around the world. Just like you would ensure a safe relocation by choosing the right service, so should you should pick a destination you know you can't go wrong with. Now, let's take a look at what a mom celebrating her day can do in Vanuatu.

Just chilling at the beach

For some moms, this could be the perfect way to spend their day - just relaxing at the beach. Luckily, Vanuatu has so many beaches to opt for. What's great is that white sand and clear blue waters are guaranteed wherever you turn. A mom will not have to look far. The main island is called Efate and there are many small islands surrounding it. Visiting some of those will give a mom a truly unique experience. Some of the best-known islands other than Efate are Santo and Tanna. The most famous beach is called Eton beach, located just a half-an-hour drive from Port Vila.

White sandy beach, clear blue water and a woman enjoying Mother’s Day in Vanuatu

Relaxing at the beach could be the perfect way for some moms
to spend Mother’s day in Vanuatu.

Visiting some of the famous Vanuatu attractions

Vanuatu is not just a tropical archipelago where you can enjoy the beach and the sun. There is so much more to it! It boasts several unique attractions nobody can stay immune to. Wouldn't it be nice to organize a visit to some of them during Mother's Day in Vanuatu? Here are our top suggestions:

Ambae Volcano

This is a once in a lifetime chance to see an active volcano from a safe distance on this magical island of Bali Hai. Furthermore, there is an even more approachable volcano site around Mt. Yasur on Tanna Island.

The Underwater Post Office

Vanuatu is the only place where a person can send a postcard underwater - isn't that amazing? The post office is located in the tropical reef of Hideaway Island. A mom can enjoy looking at some amazing marine life and send a postcard to her friends at the same time.

Mele Cascades

A gorgeous waterfall with colorful flora, located in Mele Village - just perfect for taking photos to make this Mother's day even more memorable. You can also hop over to Secret Garden, previously called Botanical Gardens, for close up viewing of some of the local flora and fauna.


Land diving for those who are fearless, like most moms are. The locals from Pentecost island are known to make monumental towers that they use for bungee jumping. Since that can only be done from April to June, it is a good thing that Mother's Day is in May!

The Million Dollar Point

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vanuatu. It can be described as the rustic underwater museum since various military supplies (from tanks and jeeps to smaller items that are parts of military equipment) can still be seen on the spot. You might not know this, but this is the place where the US army disposed of the military supplies they had in the region after WWII.

The Lelepa Island

It's still an unexplored nook with the most beautiful coral reefs. Take a walk through the lush jungle and don't forget to get some handicrafts from the locals to take back home. Remmber to also visit Fels Cave on this island, with hand paintings of ancient man.

Wining and dining

Visiting a new place without tasting its traditional cuisine is something you should never do. Vanuatu menus are abundant in fresh seafood, meats and all sorts of specialties. Why not taste them all; Mother's Day comes only once a year, right?

A bowl of fresh seafood

Top the day for your special mom with a grand meal with local specialties
at some
of the finest restaurants in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila.

Pampering time in Vanuatu

If you are planning to spend your Mother's Day in Vanuatu, don't forget to schedule some pampering treatments for yourself. There are many wellness centers you can go to. If you are planning to spend more than just Mother's Day weekend in Vanuatu, then you will have enough time for facials, massages and whatever you wish to do.

But, if you can only have a few days in this tropical paradise, then you have to try some innovative natural treatments which you can get only here. The local volcanic substances used for this purpose are beneficial to the nervous system and they can help you relax and really enjoy the peace and serenity of the place.

A vacation like this can really help you as a mom to charge your batteries and come back home even more energetic than before. This is especially important if you have something big planned back home - a career change or maybe a relocation. You will be able to start preparing your items for moving in no time or to tackle whatever task you need to do.

Volcanic stones stacked

Vanuatu wellness centers use local volcanic minerals for beauty treatments,
available at some of the best resorts in Vanuatu.

A shopping spree on Mother's Day in Vanuatu

After a weekend or preferably more days spent in Vanuatu resorts swimming, sunbathing, exploring and indulging yourself in various treatments and flavors, it is time to go on a shopping spree! Who doesn't like shopping, right? Port Vila is the place where you can find many duty-free shops. Whether you would like to get some souvenirs or other items you would like to have and take back home, we are sure you will find them. There are many interesting local stores you can visit in Port Vila if you would like to have something unique to remind you of this trip to Vanuatu.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers around the world!

Photos used: by Pexels

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