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How to Plan a Budget Trip?

5 ways to plan your expenses and
make the most of your holiday in Vanuatu

Notebook, pencil, map, photos, camera, glasses, magnifying glass - all the things you need when you plan a budget trip.

Planning is best way to get the most out of your travel budget
and avoid costly surprises, which could spoil your trip.

Traveling is the best way to spend your time off work or school. To some, or to many, traveling is the best part of a year. It's a great way to create indispensable memories and it gives you a great opportunity to learn about other cultures. Whether you travel to Vanuatu from a neighboring country or halfway around the world it eases your mind and feeds your soul. However, travel may be very costly, and nothing ruins a vacation like running out of money halfway through. So, it is very important to make plans and know your limits. Even if your budget isn't that big, you can still have a great experience in Vanuatu, you just need to make adjustments and do some research. If you want to plan a budget trip in the best way possible, start on time!

Choosing a destination within the budget

When deciding on a trip, you need to decide on a budget beforehand. Be true to yourself and calculate how much money you can spend. If you come from Australia, it's an easy choice with Vanuatu being so close and budget-friendly. On the other hand, if you have a destination, but it is costly, make realistic plans on how much time you will need to save enough money for this trip. If your desired destination is a remote island country in the middle of the ocean, chances are ticket prices are what's going to eat through your budget.

And it doesn't get much further than Vanuatu. Consequently, this is the reason people love Vanuatu so much. It is a part of its charm, culture, and beauty. Besides, there are 83 islands in the Vanuatu islands archipelago. So, you wouldn't be all alone. And you would have many different options to choose from. If your desired destination is Vanuatu, you need to get acquainted with the islands before starting to plan a budget trip to one of its islands.

Flight and suitcase in a hand

When you start considering your trip away, there are a lot of possibilities. But a well
planned holiday budget will narrow down your choices to realistic destinations.

Starting planning a budget trip on time

As we mentioned, you have to get a grip on your planning before it's too late. Unless you snag a last-minute offer, prices go much higher the closer you get to travel date. So, at the very beginning, decide on a budgeting tool. There are many choices online, or you can make calculations by hand or using a calculator, Excel sheet or an abacus if you will. Either way, you need to establish your budget on time and do extensive research.

First, divide expenses into groups. Then, check one by one. Your grouping may start like this:

Transport - might be the most expensive, so check it off at the beginning

Accommodation - research different choices and know what you want

Alimentation - it's always best to go local with food, so read online about local food markets. If you come to Vanuatu, make sure to check out Port Vila Market in Efate Island.

Activities - discus with your travel companions what they would like, and check out all the things you can do in and around your destination.

Shopping - make sure to leave some space for shopping when you plan a budget trip. You will want to have some mementos from your trip or bring gifts for your family and friends. Just make sure you cover all other expenses before calculating the shopping budget.

Hammock on the beach, between two palms.

The idea of going away from your everyday responsibilities is to get a good rest
and lifetime
memories. A well planned travel budget will get you there
and allow you to enjoy it.

1. Transportation

When deciding on a way of transport, make sure to cover your bases. Check for ways of transportation, low-cost companies, connecting flights. If you are traveling to Vanuatu, you should research plane tickets in advance and do the research more than once. Ticket prices may vary substantially each time you check. Also, you might snag some price reductions or sales if you are lucky. Additionally, there are cruise ships that come to Vanuatu. By all means, if you can, you should consider traveling to our islands by boat, or a yacht. It is the best way to enjoy the deep crystalline, turquoise waters of the South Pacific. Not to mention the best way to visit more than one of our islands. And who knows, you might even love it here so much you decide to move! If so, you can calculate your moving expenses in advance. If that's the case, you can stop planning a budget trip, and move on to planning a move to Vanuatu.

2. Accommodation

You should research all the possible types of accommodation. Also, you should be rational, but not too skimpy. Make sure you like the place you choose and that it provides all you might need. If you travel with your family, make sure you all have enough room, that it's clean and cozy. You might even find good deals that include transportation and accommodation. When traveling to island countries, such as Vanuatu, you can stay in resorts, bungalows, villas... They can be all-inclusive or at least include complimentary breakfast, so it can overall be cheaper than other accommodation that doesn't include food.

Sun in the clouds on the horizon above sea.

Not everything is in going places and seeing things, as good as it gets at times. You
can enjoy the beautiful surrounds and holiday atmosphere no matter where you are.

3. Alimentation

As we mentioned, some resorts and hotels in Vanuatu have packaged deals that include food. Take that into consideration when you plan a budget trip. However, it's always best to go local and to check out where and what local people eat. Research street food, restaurants, and food markets. If there is some famous local delicacy, by all means, include it in your budget, no matter the cost.

4. Activities

Activities are what's filling up your vacation. You finally have the time to do all the things you love doing. You can walk, talk, swim, go sightseeing, go to museums, hiking... And not all of these things cost. You can go hiking and enjoy wonderful views. Get up when it’s bright and early to see the sunrise from the horizon. Walk everywhere you can. In Vanuatu, you can explore the nation of islands on foot. So, google what the place has to offer, make a list of what you like, and then see how much of it can fit into your budget.

5. Shopping

In the early days, one of the reasons why visitors went to Vanuatu islands was duty free shopping. Now in the era of internet there's plenty of choice online to get cheap goods. However, there's still a thrill to be had by doing your duty-free and other shopping in Port Vila. After all, where else can you find unique, handmade products from Vanuatu!? Set some money on side for your shopping expenses and, if you don't spend it on something else, go to downtown Port Vila and feast the eyes at duty-free stores and markets. Just remember your country's custom laws.

Friends looking into nature excited

One of the crucial aspects of your holiday trip is to have someone likeminded
to enjoy
your destination getaway and share some indispensable memories.

Big or small budget - always plan a trip

No matter how much money you have, you can always travel somewhere. And let the travel enrich your life in a way not much else can. If you want to plan a budget trip, start on time, be true to yourself, do the research, and stick to your plan. Research often, wide, and without prejudice. Think outside the box and do the things you have never done. Get a backpack, a good companion, a smile on your face, a map in your hands and carry out your great, planned budget trip!

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