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Exploring Vanuatu - A Nation Of Islands - On Foot

By Ali Holder

Hiking and camping in Vanuatu islands

Vanuatu is a nation of roughly 80 islands located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, which has a great interest in hiking and exploring nature. It was originally discovered in 1606 by a Portuguese explorer named Pedro Fernandes de Quieros. Today, the country’s highest yielding industry revolves around tourism, with a smaller focus on camping.

Feel the sand under your feet in Vanuatu
Exploring Vanuatu on foot can be done not only barefooted on beach, but also going
hiking and camping throughout Vanuatu islands. (Picture by Adrianna Calvo, from Pexels)

Each year thousands of campers visit the islands to relax, go hiking, tour the marinas, or walk through the thick jungles. In the six provinces of the country, there are two major international airports and hundreds if not thousands of hotels, bungalows, Airbnbs, and bed and breakfast places to spend the night. The country’s main attractions are the beautiful beaches, lush walking trails, amazing waterfalls, and its wonderful citizens full of cultural pride.

Camping in Efate

Efate is the main island of Vanuatu, where most of its international traders and visitors begin their journey. There are wonderful beaches, wildlife excursions, such as turtle tours, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the island, and delicious restaurants like Au Fare with a mix of tropical and French cuisines. Camping in Efate is also one of the main reasons people stay on the island other than business. Blue Lagoon on the southern end of the island offers great areas to camp, relax with the children, and swim in the clear blue waters. You can pitch your tent or sleep outdoors and appreciate the stars dotted across the night sky.

Trekking Through Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo is another one of the famous destinations to visit in the country. This is the largest island in Vanuatu, and it offers plenty of tours, hotels, and beaches to explore. The popular tours on the island are the Diving and Santo Heritage Tours. The diving tours explore the beautiful corals and environment near the shores. The Santo Heritage Tours take you through the deep jungles and past several beautiful waterfalls, streams, and caves. You get the opportunity to explore the island with all its history and hidden beauty.

Bushwalking adventure in Vanuatu
Exploring the outer islands in Vanuatu can be done by combining boat or ferry rides, or taking
'island hopping' domestic flights, then go walking through the forests. (Picture by Pixabay)

Exploring the Outer Islands

Some of the most adventurous places to visit in Vanuatu are the outer islands. These islands are mostly uninhabited, with only some areas open to the public. You can take a ferry or a boat to the Banks Islands in the northern part of the country. The Rowa Islands offer small tours by boat or ferry. You can spend the day walking through the thick forest or lie on the beach. Since the islands are uninhabited, there are no permanent residents here, and you are encouraged to go back to the main islands at night.

Breathing in the Tropical Air

Vanuatu is a beautiful nation full of history and adventure. After taking the tour of the islands, you may want to visit Aneityum and the small island near where you can find the Aneityum Airport. The island is just an airport with no residential areas, and the locals set up stalls to sell food and accessories. There are so many islands where you can put a chair down and enjoy the fresh air and eat delicious food while you rest your trekking feet.


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