Vanuatu holiday resorts and visitors guide


Entertainment in Vanuatu

What to do for holiday fun in Vanuatu

For local and traditional Vanuatu entertainment, start with the popular Melanesian feast nights, which include kava drinking, string music and native dancers. You can also enjoy stories about local history and customs. Experience 'earth-oven' cooked local dishes, with a buffet-style Melanesian feast.

  Entertainment Options in Vanuatu
Casinos in Vanuatu

Casinos in Vanuatu

As a low-tax jurisdiction, Vanuatu has been a base for a number of land and online casinos. There are three major casino entertainment facilities in Port Vila, two of them located in hotels and one as a proper stand alone land casino.

Christmas Holidays in Vanuatu

Christmas Holidays in Vanuatu

While some people cannot imagine Christmas holiday without snow and winter time, those who experience tropical Christmas enjoy all the benefits it offers. After all, people in tropics celebrate Christmas, too. Here's what to expect on your Christmas in Vanuatu.

How to Plan a Perfect Mothers Day in Vanuatu

Mother's Day in Vanuatu

This year's Mother's Day will be on the 10th of May. Are you planning to get some special gifts for your mom, or even your wife as a wonderful mom? How about a nice trip abroad? Take a look at some ideas for a perfect Mother's Day in Vanuatu.

Nightlife of Vanuatu

Nightlife of Vanuatu

Most of entertainment spots in Vanuatu are found in its capital Port Vila, on Efate Island. There are also some on its largest island Santo, in Luganville. These night spots include bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and casinos.

Vanuatu Festivals

Vanuatu Festivals

There are many locals festivals in Vanuatu that are held annually, which offer interesting side activity to learn more about Vanuatu culture and customs. We list here the most important Vanuatu festivals for your reference.

Vanuatu Weddings

Wedding in Vanuatu

If you are a couple planning to elope, then Vanuatu should be an option for you to consider. Weddings in Vanuatu have been a popular choice for many couples from New Zealand and Australia. It's also a popular destination for honeymooners.

But if your truly want to be entertained, head to Port Vila, where you will find bars, restaurants, nightclubs, live music, shopping and casinos.

No mater where you stay in Vanuatu, each resort will have some form of holiday entertainment, even if it's a barbecue by the pool, or a swim-up pool bar. Many hotels and upmarket resorts will have additional facilities to keep you entertained, such as day spa, resort pool, or even a golf course.

Pool area at a tropical resort

When you are holidaying in tropics, sometime all you need is a good swimming pool area,
where you can lounge and enjoy the sun and holiday atmosphere.


With current spread of the pandemic, much of the travel plans have been cancelled. Our thoughts go to all those who have been affected by the virus.
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