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Best Diving Locations in Vanuatu

Where to find Vanuatu islands best diving spots

Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 rugged and volcanic islands that have been pushed up from the edge of the Pacific Rim is one of the most popular offshore diving destinations for Australia. Its clear water and excellent facilities makes it a fantastic destination to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater photography along with glimpses of aquatic life.

Most of its islands are mountainous and are of volcanic origin with tropical or sub tropical climate. Port Vila is the nation’s largest town and capital city offers stunning views over its beautiful harbour which is sculpted with inlets, lagoons and islets.

View of Port Vila and its harbour
Port Vila town and its picturesque harbour is the starting point for many
diving and snorkeling expeditions in Vanuatu.

The islands and people of Vanuatu has its own charm that you won’t find elsewhere and on its each visit you will surely uncover its untouched amazing facts creating different experience for its visitors. Vanuatu is a perfect place to learn snorkel. Its water is shallow and is protected with wealth of wild life which provides a never-ending amazement to its visitors. Book flights with Carlton Leisure and enjoy a journey to the most amazing snorkeling experiences at Vanuatu which is simply unmatched. Divers come from all over the world come here for its superb visibility, warm water and world-class dive sites. So come and explore few of them.

Bokissa Eco Dive

Vanuatu and other outer islands offer incredible diving opportunities to the divers and Bokissa Island on Santo is quite favorite among divers throughout the world due to its water temperature which is perfect and its great visibility to die for. The underwater offers them amazing world of marine life, plunging cliffs, grottoes along with huge caves and intricate tunnels. The whole scene creates a magical spell which is truly delightful and unforgettable experience for its visitors.

Chails Reef Dive

It is indeed a dive not to be missed. It is one of the most stunning reef dives in all Vanuatu. It is highly protected dive sites which ensure calm water, crystal clear visibility with little or no current. A dive to Chails Reef will take you to the amazing variety of coral reefs and to the world of crayfish, turtles and sharks.

Blue Holes

Santo has several spring-fed crystal clear blue holes which offer a unique diving experience to its divers. Aquamarine will provide tanks and arrange transport for divers who want to enjoy half day or full day trip to enjoy a fantastic diving experience and the brilliant underwater scenery. Guides are not necessary but may be hires if you are new to this adventure.

Diving near Vanuatu islands
Vanuatu islands offer many great diving spots, especially around Espiritu Santo island,
but also around many other Vanuatu islands, large and small.

Tutuba Point

If you are looking forward to a dive which has it all then Tutuba Point is perfect for you. It has caves, swim throughs , chasms along with abundance of hard and soft corals which all takes you to a different world altogether. The clarity of water makes great visibility to the underwater life make it a favorite reef dive among the divers.

Million Dollar Point

This dive provides you truly a different experience that you can found nowhere else. At the end of WWII , thousands of tons of US military equipments was dumped into the sea and on a dive one can found a multitude of bulldozers, cranes and trucks piled upon one another makes it a unique dive site.


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