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Banks and ATMs

A Travelers Guide to Banks and ATMs in Vanuatu

A visit to Vanuatu can be an exotic getaway, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the South Pacific. However, whether you plan to dive and snorkel, enjoy horseback riding, hike the islands or simply relax in Port Vila or Luganville, you'll need one thing: money. A visit to the islands can be relatively inexpensive.

However, Port Vila (Efate island) and Luganville (Santo island) are not cheap, and you'll need to exchange your dollars and pounds for some Vanuatu vatu (the local currency). Many resorts in the area feature money exchanges and ATM access.

Cash is a necessity

ANZ and Westpac banks in Port Vila
Australian ANZ and Westpac banks have major presence in Vanuatu, including ATMs in Port Vila, on Efate island and Luganville, on Espiritu Santo island

However, for the average traveler through the islands, cash is a necessity. Maintaining a supply of money during your trip is not only desirable, it is vital. Without a few thousand vatu, you can't even get a cab, much less pay for dinner. Many of the restaurants and shops in Port Vila and Luganville do not accept credit cards and ATM cards; cash is the only option.

The resorts on Tanna, Santo, Efate and elsewhere will take your plastic, but you cannot rely on that throughout the islands. Some hotels will only accept cash, in the local vatu, Australian or US dollars. Carrying cash is the only way you can ensure that you have the funds on hand to enjoy yourself.

If you're on a tight budget, you can get by for less than $50 per day if you are very frugal and never eat out. Most travelers will find that they spend upwards of $175 per day by staying in resorts, taking tours and enjoying the dining options in Port Vila and elsewhere.

Banks and ATMs on islands

Automatic Teller Machine
Cash machine or ATM

So, how do you find ATMs and banks in the islands in order to secure this cash? Well, your options are somewhat limited. You will not find banks or ATMs in any of the villages around the islands.

In fact, Port Vila and Luganville are the only places that you'll be able to do that. The ANZ bank and the supermarket in Port Vila offer ATMs for your convenience.

Additionally, you'll find that traveler's checks can be used in the cities, though you should not rely on them throughout the islands. Stock up on 1,000 VT notes, as well as smaller denominations in coins. Some smaller villages will not make change for bills they cannot break, so be prepared by having the right cash on hand.

  Banking in Vanuatu
Banks and ATMs
Banks and ATMs
Banking in Vanuatu
Banking in Vanuatu
Currency Exchange
Currency Exchange


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