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Vanuatu Attractions

Port Vila and Vanuatu Holiday Attractions

When people consider holidaying in Port Vila, the capital city of the Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific, the biggest draw is the location. The Efate island is beautiful, tropical, covered in lush vegetation and palm trees that line the white sandy beaches. To say that the island is picturesque would be a severe understatement. Still, Port Vila has far more to offer visitors than the regular sand and water. Tourists and visitors can find many sightseeing places to visit in the city, Vanuatu attractions that they wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere.

  Holiday attractions in Vanuatu
Annual Swims

Annual Swims in Vanuatu

There are two annual swims in Vanuatu, the Port Vila Swim and the Espiritu Santo Aore Swim. Both of these events attract the local and international swimmers competing against each other.

Bluewater Island Aquarium

Bluewater Island Aquarium

This is not an enclosed, typical glass aquarium, like you might be used to. It's more a natural enclosure, as part of Bluewater Island Resort, where you can interact with marine animals.

Cascades Waterfall

Cascades Waterfall

One of the best known and most popular attractions in Vanuatu, which is also a tour destination. A great place for families, to spend a couple of hours, or a whole day cooling down in one of many water pools.

Ekasup Village

Ekasup Village

If you prefer cultural type of attractions, visit Ekasup Village not far from Port Vila. It's a traditional Melanesian village, where the villagers earn their living as fishermen and practice the authentic ways of the land.

Eton Beach

Eton Beach

Situated a half-an-hour drive from Port Vila, Eton beach is one of the most pristine and beautiful white-sand beaches in Vanuatu. Well worth the drive for a great beach day in quite surrounds.

Land Dive

Land Dive on Pentecost Island

If you're looking for a truly unique Vanuatu experience, then you should witness the traditional Naghol ceremony of land diving. This ceremony is held in April and May only on south Pentecost island.

Outer Islands

Outer Islands in Vanuatu

Get the real taste of Vanuatu by visiting its outer islands. This South Pacific 83-island archipelago offers unique experience of exploring one of the last remaining tropical paradises.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club

Port Vila Golf and Country Club

Just outside of Port Vila, in Mele village, you will find Port Vila Golf and Country Club. Located between Kumul hwy. and ocean beach, this golf course is where Vanuatu Golf Open is held every year.

Underwater Post Office

Underwater Post Office

Hideaway island is home to popular Hideaway Island Resort, marine sanctuary, and Underwater Post Office. This unique Vanuatu attraction is the only place in the world where you can mail your postcard underwater.


Vanuatu Volcanos

Being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Vanuatu islands have a number of live volcanoes. These volcanoes are unique sightseeing sites, where you will hear amazing stories about their eruptions over the years.

The Outer Vanuatu Islands

To get the real taste of Vanuatu as one of the last remaining paradises, you must visit some of the many outer islands offering a truly unique experience. From the best known Santo and Tanna islands, to the well preserved Malekula and Pentecost islands.

Land dive on Pentecost island

It’s quite an experience‚Ķbelieve it. Visit us in April or May and we’ll send you to south Pentecost island, where they do “bungy jumping” – the traditional way. In fact, apparently this is where all the modern bungy craze comes from‚Ķ!? Here's the land dive story.

Plan your holiday attractions

Sipping cocktails by the pool
The lazy way to enjoy your holiday in Vanuatu, by the pool with a cocktail drink

The best way to plan which attractions you would like to visit in or outside of Port Vila is to make a list. You will find here a good batch of attractions in Vanuatu, with some information about each.

Plan ahead, so you can decide which things most appeal to you, find out more and then go ahead and include them on your holiday itinerary. Most of these attractions can be booked at your resort in Vanuatu, where you will be staying.

These are only a few of the Vanuatu attractions and sightseeings that you can see that don’t involve lounging on a beach and sipping a tropical drink while in Port Vila – although, that sounds good, too!

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