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As little or as much as you like...
When you visit Vanuatu we understand that everyone’s different. Some people want to relax, some want to explore, and some want to fill their days with every activity available. Here are some activities you can enjoy while staying at vanuatu resorts
 in and around Port Vila.

No matter to which group you belong, we’ll have some activities for you. Be it lazing around our pool, going to the nearby beach for leisurely walks, or hitting the white ball on the 18-hole golf course, you'll find your days filled with activities at any of Vanuatu resorts.

  Holiday attractions in Vanuatu
Backpacking in Vanuatu

Backpacking in Vanuatu

A backpacking holiday in Vanuatu can be a once in a lifetime experience, exploring these South Pacific islands. There's so much to see and do on these tropical islands. Get some basic tips and tricks for backpacking your way in Vanuatu.

Best Diving Spots

Best Diving Spots

Vanuatu islands offer some excellent and scenic spots for diving and snorkeling visitors and enthusiasts. One of the most popular locations is Santo Island, which offers many great diving spots, including the Million Dollar Point.

Car Rentals in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Car Rentals

There are several car rental companies in Port Vila, both local and international, offering a good choice of rental cars and prices. These include 4WDs (or SUVs - the all terrain vehicles), as well as scooters and cars.

Duty-Free Shops in Vanuatu

Duty-Free Shops

If you have the extra time and want to pay the best price for your duty free goods, do some comparison shopping among Port Vila duty free shops. Most of them are conveniently located around the main street.

Fishing and Cruises

Fishing and Cruises

The pristine waters around islands are rich in a wide diversity of fish and sea life. Vanuatu fishing and cruises are big tourist draws to the area and the locals are more than happy to supply their expertise for these activities.

Golfing in Vanuatu

Golfing in Vanuatu

There are number of Vanuatu resorts and clubs that offer golfing, where you can bring your own clubs, or rent at the club. The best known is Port Vila Golf and Country Club near Mele, where Vanuatu Open is held every year.

Hiking Trails in Vanuatu

Hiking Trails in Vanuatu

If you are looking for an adventure-filled holiday in the tropics, Vanuatu islands offer a variety of paths and trails, from easy ones to spine-tingling treks. Ever hiked on a lava-shooting volcanoe? Head for Vanuatu and Tanna island.

Horseback Riding in Vanuatu

Horseback Riding

The Club Hippique Adventure Park provides fun and exciting horseback rides in Vanuatu. Go to see the rainforests or walk through the crystal blue waters and ride down the white sand beaches in and around Port Vila.

Snorkeling in Vanuatu

Snorkeling in Vanuatu

If you want to enjoy some of the most pristine areas, the most amazing coral reefs and astounding sea life without ever donning a scuba tank, then you can choose one of the many snorkeling options available in Port Vila.

Surfing in Vanuatu

Surfing in Vanuatu

Although Vanuatu is not particularly known as a surfing destination, you will find here some of the most powerful and hollow surf in the South Pacific. This is especially true if you are able to take your surfboard further out.

Vanuatu Diving

Vanuatu Diving

These tropical islands, bathed in crystalline waters, with incredible sea life, offer some of the best diving in the South Pacific. There are numerous dive sites, from coral reefs to WWII wrecks, found around Efate and Santo.

Vanuatu Fishing

Vanuatu Fishing

The sea plays an important role in day-to-day life of Vanuatu islanders, while fishing is one of the most common activities here among the locals. There's a wealth of fishing options available, including reef and deep sea fishing.

Vanuatu Sailing

Vanuatu Sailing

A leisurely cruise through the islands can be an incredibly exciting experience that creates memories for a lifetime. You will find a wide variety of tour companies and private operators offering sailing trips and tours through the islands.

Wedding in Vanuatu

Wedding in Vanuatu

A Vanuatu wedding or honeymoon in Vanuatu combines the beauty and romance of the islands. Happy and friendly Melanesian people will come together during your event for a unique and romantic wedding setting.

No matter what activities you enjoy, you will find many available to you in Vanuatu, in Port Vila town, and around the islands. Just ask your friendly hosts and they will be happy to oblige and point you in the right direction.

You can also go about exploring some or all of the popular nearby attractions, go to Port Vila for sightseeing, shopping or restaurants, or even exploring many of Efate Island’s attractions – just tell your host what would you like and they’ll do all they can to make your stay in Vanuatu memorable. You can even get help to arrange visits to other Vanuatu islands, if you decide to do a bit of “island hoping” whilst here. There are plenty of things to do in Port Vila and Vanuatu on your holiday.

Botanical Gardens

Or to truly experience Vanuatu, visit the nearby Mele Botanical Gardens & Cultural Centre. It’s only a short walk down the road from Worawia, where you can learn about Vanuatu islands’ customs and culture and see the local birdlife and wildlife, its flora and fauna. It’s a very informative guided tour, where you can learn more about the real Vanuatu than anywhere else, and view the local flora and fauna.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club

For those more sport-minded, we can arrange a guest pass at the Port Vila Golf and Country Club next door – just tell us when you feel like having a white ball spoil your walk and we’ll make the arrangements for you. The 18-hole golf course is the same one where the Vanuatu Open Tournament is held every year in early August, as part of the Pacific Professional Tour.

The course is measured in metres, has a driving range and Australian general rules of golf apply. Located seaside, it has ocean views, with Hideaway Island seen across and Worawia resort right next door. There’s also two-storey clubhouse, with drinks and meals available. The Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open 2006 will be held at the club in July.

The town of Port Vila

Beach road
Road to Worawia beach

Located about 10kms away from Worawia, Port Vila offers a whole variety of sightseeing and other activities. Apart from the expected tour and souvenir and gift shops, you will find many duty free stores, some of which also double as currency exchange shops. Small boutique and handcraft shops dot the streets, as do cafes and galleries. Several grocery supermarkets are available, stocking the items usually found in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some particularly French items.

At least several ATM’s are available around the town, serviced by ANZ and Westpac banks, as well as the local National Bank of Vanuatu. The main post office is in the town’s centre near the banks, on the opposite side of the street. And you must not miss out on visiting the colourful Port Vila market, also centrally located. It’s the opportunity to meet the locals with their fruit, vegetables, flowers, shells, and artifacts and souvenirs. The market operates every day except Sunday. Public mini buses run past Worawia resort regularly, which will take you into the town and bring you back.

Vanuatu Tours

Erakor boat ramp
Erakor island boat ramp

Port Vila offers a whole variety of tour shops, ranging from half-day to full-day tours and cruises. Some of the popular tours include Lelepa Island and Erakor Island tours, Port Vila sightseeing, birdwatching and nature walks, Cascades Waterfall tours and various local village experience tours.

If you have time on your hands, choose one of the Round the Island tours, which will take you around the Efate Island. It takes 6-8 hours to circle the island, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best sightseeing anywhere. You will meet some of the local villagers during your stopovers, see some of the most pristine, untouched while sand beaches and coral reefs, and perhaps even visit WWII Relics Matanawora Museum on north part of Efate Island.

Vanuatu Cruises

Port Vila harbour park
Port Vila harbour park

As with tours, there are plenty of different cruises available, from half-an-hour underwater marine tour, to day and evening Lagoon and Sunset Wine and Chese cruises. But one of the most popular cruises with Worawia guests is South Seas Adventure Cruise, organized by Coongoola Day Cruises.

It’s done on 23 meter timber sailing ketch with twin diesel back up power, covered aft deck, comfortable change cabins, spacious saloon, dinghy’s and snorkelling gear. The cruiser was previously mother ship to the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, can carry 50 day passengers and is now called “Vanuatu’s Lady of the Sea”.

Vanuatu Scuba Diving

Iririki island
Iririki island in Port Vila

Many of the cruises include scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing and kayaking. But you can also find the shops which specialise in diving and snorkelling only, including wreck dives. One of the most experienced dive shops is Nautilus Scuba, who offer scuba instruction, equipment hire and airfills and dive charter and repairs. With 18 years of diving experience in and around Port Vila, they provide a variety of reef and wreck dives.

Some of the wreck dives include:

  • “Konanda”, 45-metre island trader who sank in 1987; 
  • “Star of Russia”, built in 1900’s by Harlan and Wolff of Belfast (famous for constructing the Titanic); 
  • “Tasman”, the Qantas record breaker (the first plane to fly from Auckland to Sydney in less than 8 hours); 
  • and “Semle Federsen”, trading vessel which went down during Cyclone Uma in 1987. 

There are some excellent Reef Sites around Port Vila and Efate island, including underwater caves for those exploration dives.

Fishing in Vanuatu

Fishing in the evening
Fishing in Vanuatu before nightfall

Many fishing charters are available in Vanuatu, from light tackle and game fishing, to heavy tackle and sport fishing. The charters will usually provide free pick up and include light refreshments on half-day trips. There are plenty of good fishing spots around Efate Island, including further afield charters.

Light tackle enthusiasts will find Giant Trevally, Bluespot Trevally, Green Job Fish and Coral Trout at Havannah Harbour. While the Lopevi Volcano and Maskeleyne Islands hide Dogtooth Tuna and Sailfish schools.

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